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  • Just found this thread, count me as an Edinburgh person :)

  • Anyone isolating and in need of a delivery, I can help if you're in range of Musselburgh. I'm planning on doing a lunchtime ride to make up for missing the commute so happy to add a humanitarian slant to my jaunts.

  • Beach beers tonight if anyone’s keen.

  • Any tenement dwellers tried this? Clever as long as they don't fall on someone's heid

    (photo borrowed from some Facebook group)

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  • Cunning

    Anyone do the Big Fife ride today?

    I did a few tracks on my East run out, nice day, all considered

  • Think is is possibly the best thread for this question:

    My wife and I (and dog) are pretty much on dead set on moving to Edinburgh. Main reasons are wanting to leave London but still live near to a big city with lots going on theatre music etc, but where we can actually afford what we're hoping for.

    Question for the friendliest forum on the internet is: areas you'd recommend within (ideally) < 30-45 mins to Waverly Station. Or town by bus. I'd be commuting to London once a fortnight and my wife most likely into Edinburgh.

    Our budget is about 280/290k top but rather be about 250k for 3/4 bed house. I've done heaps of Google Maps and then Zoopla/Rightmove searching so seen a lot of areas, and we were up looking at new builds in Prestonpans in January. Now staying away from new builds given all the horror stories I've seen.

    Any advice on areas you avoid or love to go to or currently live would be fantastic!

  • We have a new build in Musselburgh, just in from the Pans. Would highly recommend if you’re happy in the suburbs. I have an 8 mile commute each way and a 10min walk from Wallyford station for getting the train

  • Or in Fife, very nearly moved that way last year. The trains in were just not convenient enough for us coming in every day.

  • Looked around Musselburgh, enjoy the area? It looks fantastically located and on the right sides of the city for getting down the A1 to the in laws.

  • Fife and generally north of the Forth looks really attractive in terms of location and price - but I've head travel across the bridge can be a bit of a hamstring. I suppose everywhere has it's pros and cons, and anywhere with all pro is probably too expensive!

  • Nothing to be had in Edinburgh proper for that money as far as I'm aware... Well, not a 3/4 bed house. You can get a 2 bed flat 10 mins walk from Waverley though.

    Have a look at Haddington.

  • My boss does it every day, and mostly it's OK. I can't remember exactly what the problem with the trains was, something like the timings meant we would always have to travel separately. Everyone has different priorities, of course, but we decided that it would be ridiculous to want to move to Edinburgh and then not live in the city.

  • Controversial opinion: if you want big city, and a better music scene, consider Glasgow. Your money will go a lot further too

  • Musselburgh is good. It’s got its own town identity which is part of what swung us over places like Gilmerton (which we seriously considered) which have the life sucked out of them by Edinburgh.

  • I’m from Dunfermline. It’s a cultural hell hole but houses are nice and cheap and you can get anywhere fast...ish

  • My partner and I—she's a central Edinburgh native but has been in London for 8 years—are having basically the same thoughts at the moment. Before everything happened, we were on the point of looking at houses seriously and completely agree on Musselburgh.

    In keeping an eye on Rightmove etc., we've been pleasantly surprised by the frequency with which something we actually like emerges. Sure you've found espc and their exclusive properties but some good stuff seems to end up on there.

  • Glad to have someone in the same boat! I'd not seen that site definitely one to keep an eye on -thanks!

  • My two’penneth

    We moved down to Edinburgh at the end of last year

    Before that we were in a village in Perthshire for 2yrs after a 12yr stint in London.

    My wife is a Fifer (beautiful Dunfermline) so while we toyed with Edinburgh straight out of London, we ended up moving to the northern range of our chosen area after deciding on what we wanted from our lives in the future. Now, it didn’t work out for us up there for various reasons and we ended up moving in to Edinburgh (Broughton) and we are both really happy.

    Wherever we have lived, both of us/one of us have commuted to london weekly.

    With the great and irritating/irrelevant advantage of hindsight my advice would be -

    • You can do all the research you want on a place, especially a village or smaller town, but there’s no substitute for living there. So I would highly recommend renting in an area/several areas before buying.
    • If you are travelling to London regularly, I wouldn’t live more than 40/45mins from the airport or Waverley station. The post commute commute can be a right ballache and if anything will start to fuck you off about it, it’s that.
    • If you get the train either get the lowland Sleeper or the Flying Scotsman (05-40 daily).
    • Flying is ok once in a while, but by the time you have fucked about at both ends, a fast train is much the same.
    • We paid a bit more to live in the city centre, but Edinburgh isn’t like living in London, so you can live very centrally and not feel like you are in a city and you can have (if you wait and are sensible)
    • A small garden/yard
    • A quietish road/area
    • Access to a shitload of green spaces
    • Access to the city centre really quickly on cycle paths/busses from some of the suburbs that are 1-2 miles out of town.
    • I also think that if you are coming from outside the Edinburgh bubble, you are much more likely to want to look at a property or central area that doesn’t fit the Edinburgh archetype, so the core group of NIMBY New Town buyers will overlook them. We ended up with a new build in Broughton at a much cheaper price psf than the corresponding new town flat/surrounding properties.
    • Musselburgh seems perfectly normal, just from cycling through it. Although why is the bridge closed over the river so you have to keep going over that fucking ped cage?

  • What @Ecobeard says is wise.

    One thing to be aware of is when offering on a property it's different process to that in england.y experience suggests you'll need at least 10% of the mortgage valuation in cash in addition to the mortgage deposit. Once you're serious about making an offer you'll need to appoint a solicitor. I was happy with mine, particularly from the initial contact where I phoned them and asked for advice on how it all works, being a first time buyer and at that time living in London.

  • Thats a really useful list - thank you! I must admit your instagram has been a source of good bikes, dogs and "posts that want make me want to move". I don't want to fully derail this thread with my questions so will drop you a message if that's okay?

  • Yeah I've been reading up on the differences - looks slightly less prone to deals falling through or maybe that's just my impression but certainly different! Which solicitor dod you use if you don't mind me asking as it seems we're in a similar situation as you were? Having 10% in cash as well as the deposit is something I've not seen and most likely a deal breaker since we'd be looking at the top end our budget towards 85-90% LTV.

  • Ha! Cor don’t let my soshall meedja weigh into decisions like these!!

    I don’t think you are derailing the thread by any means and I have only lived here 7 months so loads of people in here have far more knowledge of the city than I do, but drop us a message by all means.

    I can pass on the name of a good solicitor as well

  • With limited knowledge based on buying in Edinburgh

    House is advertised at £500 000
    House valued by independent £525 000

    House sells for £600 000
    Sale price + fees = £630 000

    Bank takes maximum value of house as £525 000
    So the breakdown of what you might need to buy the house is

    Cash Deposit (20% of £525 000 = £105 000)
    Mortgage (80% of £525 000 = £420 000)
    Cash to get from £525 000 to £600 000 = £75 000)
    Cash to pay fees = £30 000

    So total cash to buy the house with a 20% deposit = £210 000.

    For mortgage purposes the bank don't value the house with regards to the sale price, they value it based on the price in the report which you could request on rightmove, ESPC etc.

    We used Harper Macleod off a recommendation from a friend, I guess I'll echo what they told me. More expensive than most but the were switched on, worked hard and moved quickly.

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Edinburgh misc. thread

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