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  • Hi had my Genesis Equilibrium repainted by Hendersons and they did a fantastic job for a very reasonable price.

    Logos were done subsequently by @Manson7am hand

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  • Afternoon all - I have a sister in Edinburgh (out by the Royal Botanic Gardens) who might be looking for a bicycle to get to work on.

    Please get in touch if you know of any small mixte style bicycles available!



  • I have small Dawes galaxy that might work, not mixte though (i posted a pic a few pages back). Could sell just the frame for cheap (or I might be able to put something together with spare parts)

  • Gauging interest...would anyone want to buy this bike? Maybe just F&F?

    Original sale thread: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3278­26/#comment14572258
    Build thread: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3296­01/

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  • How tall are you? I'm interested.

    Edit.... in the frame that is

  • I'm about 5'10.

  • Anyone interested in a Genesis Equilibrium Disc 2014? It's the 631 version, steel lugged fork. Frame, fork, headset and seatclamp for sale. Size small, which means 49cm seat tube (genesis called it a 52 for some reason).

  • I just saw that Glasgow has it's own subforum. Should we petition for an Edinburgh one?

  • Here's a pic of my genesis if anyone is interested. Looking to sell the frameset and the groupset.

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  • Could always just ask?

    Unless you are keen to start a petition, put some flyers out in new town cafes, do some passive aggressive door to door canvassing, make some badges and get an article in the Spurtle, in true Edinburgh fashion?

  • Sure I could ask, but is there any point if folk just want to have this one thread?

  • I say ask

    This has been around for a year or so and it well used, so it stands to reason that a sub forum would get well used

  • Congrats on your new subforum.


  • Nice job on the subforum @rwn and @Ecobeard .

    I've made a thread for sales/freecycle stuff, flog your wares there

    Would be useful (to me) to maybe collect together a few routes with Strava/RWGPS links too? I've ridden to North Berwick too many times now...

  • Very useful

    Anyone want to start doing some regular Saturday rides as well?

    I like the club I go out with, but it’s perhaps not quite what I’m after at the moment

  • My schedule is pure chaos most of the time but I'd be up for a ride.

    I think it's over a year since the Fife gravel ride was proposed in this thread too

  • Doesn’t @Cupcakes have the lowdown on that from EFG?

  • I’ve popped a routes thread up as well and happy to start organising weekend rides if folk are keen

  • I'd like join in, I'm away the next couple of weeks but after that. Also I saw this https://www.instagram.com/p/B9RoP8MlWcp/­?igshid=182bh1t7f3qhx which I was planning on going to see if anyone else was interested.

  • I’m here this weekend then away, could aim for sat 28th as the first outing if no one about next weekend

    Didn’t know that place existed, no on IG anymore but assume it’s a ‘cycling cafe’?

  • If you ever do manage to organise the Fife Gravel ride I'm keen.

  • What is this Mythical ride

    Anyone got a route?

    We could do it as a ‘spring classic’ & then also do a cobble based homage to the London Classic/Cobblemonster/Paris Roubaix, before watching PR....

  • Fife gravel is happening on March 21st. Depart Haymarket 8am, 100 miles but there are stations on the route if you need to bail. If fixed, gear down a bit.

    Edit: route link doesn't work. I'll ask the ride organiser to send me a new link.

  • Bugger I’m away, way looking forward to that as well :(

  • Ah damn.

    We can do another ride when you're back!

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Edinburgh misc. thread

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