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  • I think we could do with a generic thread for Edinburgh people? Rides, stuff going on, tool borrowing, bikes/frames/parts for sale that aren't worth posting... Who else is out there? I am aware of: @Cupcakes @Eamesy @Brum @i_am_lono @rwn @bazschmaz

    To start us off: anyone got some cheap 32/36h 26" rim-brake rims for sale? Or a 56cm SSCX type frame with cantis/Vs?

    Secondly I've got a Boardman MX Comp frame in medium, anyone want it (free)? Fork is buggered but the frame would make a okay cheap as shit commuter with a rigid fork.

  • Wasn't there one in the General thread? I'm in Edinburgh these days

  • There's this one, 10 years old though: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/1346­56/

    There's this one also but seems to be more focused on people visiting, so I didn't want to clog it up with "I've got a pair of hubs for sale" or whatever: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/2492­47/

  • For rides, drinks, general nonsense Edinburgh Fixed Gear on Facebook. Join it.

  • Cool, I've joined up. Some people aren't too keen on Facebook though ;)

  • Count me among the ones not so keen on Facebook.

  • Yeah, not on Facebook either. @frankenbike I might take that Boardman off your hands for a paint job if you still have it in the New Year?

  • Happy to hold until next year for you. None of my friends wanted it, so if no one on here takes it the next stop will be the Bike Station. I will jam it behind the sofa or something until then

    Pretty reasonable frame really, takes like a 29" x 2" tyre, discs and tapered headtube

    Edit: actually it might be a straight headtube - not sure!

  • Can a lonely Fifer join in the Edinburgh chat?

  • I'd say so.

    Be good to have an Edinburgh based thread again.
    There used to be an Edinburgh fixed gear website. I think it was run by Neek? He moved to Glasgow I'm sure, and the website and community sort of fell with it. Not sure if it started again or not, but sounds as if it has.

    In other news, Ronde has closed its doors?! Anyone know anything about this?

    Quick spam:
    If anyone is interested, or you know anyone interested, I'll be putting up a Genesis Day One 10 2019 up for sale in a few days. Brand new, warranty replacement, size L.
    Selling it because I bought another bike in between all the hassle of sorting out the replacement Genesis.

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    • genesis-day-one-10-2019-road-bike_1.jpg
  • ^ ooh that is pretty!

  • i'd like to join this convo - i lived in edin for a while and although am down in yorkshire i'll be looking to move back close to edin in the next 6 / 12 months with work.....

  • If anyone fancies a ride (road/mtb/gravel) around Fife I'm happy to guide.

  • Any/everyone welcome in the thread as far I'm concerned!

    @mi7rennie whereabouts do you go for MTB in Fife? I would usually head south but might be a nice change to go up there some time

  • Loads of places but the Lomonds and Pitmedden woods are especially good for natural trails.

  • A shame about Ronde if so; I go past every day and they do serve great coffee; good when pro cycling is on the telly too. Wouldn't buy a bike there because £££ and their club runs always look a bit serious and full-on Waffa/Team Sky fanboys. Cycled past yesterday and didn't look that shut? Andy Shaw was working there Wednesday..

  • I'm originally from Kirkcaldy so if I'm in you're in too.. Could do a wee photo trip around the Kingdom in the New Year sometime?

  • For sure. Full IG points. Let's make it a gravel (mud) grind.

  • I'd join for a gravel grind in the new year :)

    Speaking of this route was good fun: http://bikepackingscotland.com/capitaltr­ail/

    I did it on MTB but my friend used a CX bike - we did the East half(ish) and got the train back on the borders railway route.

  • Was great. I'd like to do an overnighter and go all the way around, maybe skip the MTB trail centers in the borders depending on bike situation. With the days as short as they are now you'd need some hefty lights to get round though

  • Hefty lights are not an issue for me, I ride all through the winter on the MTB so invested in a decent lighting setup.

  • Trail looks good. Does that follow part of the old droves road?

    @I_am_lono from what I've seen I think it is just the Ronde cafe being kept open. I think the bike sales have stopped

  • I don't know - maybe. Would have to dig out some maps to compare but similar sort of thing. Actually I was curious about your opinion on that path, how was it? Rideable do you reckon?

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Edinburgh misc. thread

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