Quality SS for Wife's B-day ~ £350 budget

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  • wife is 5'9".
    Looking for something non girly, discreet and elegant looks but high end parts.
    Riding position should be upright, like not bent down.
    Simple frame, no need for girl frame.
    stainless steel, not alu.
    basically it's all about the smooth ride.

    please let me know if anyone's got something like that.

  • Check out Quella's website - they are selling off some ex-demo bikes at great prices.

  • Do you work for Quella? Most of your posts are about / plugging them.

  • Shame all the quella bikes are complete dog shit!

  • @TM confirmed may as well buy a goku or a blb

  • I don't work for them but am involved with the business.

  • Maybe you should spend more time steering the business in a less shit direction and less time spamming forums with your shit bikes nobody wants?

  • @TM I was going to post something like this but...
    @MickeyM perhaps look to State Bicycle Co for inspiration on how to market (to a lesser extent Foffa). Quella bikes are very uninspiring.

  • State are American with big bucks behind them, as far as I can tell Foffa have gone bust.

  • 8bar? All I'm saying is Quella need a good brand or product - either a reputation for being cool or for performance. I'm sure there's plenty of collective talent on this forum who would be happy to chip in if you had any queries or wanted to run some ideas? Good luck

  • That's why I'm here!! Thanks for the feedback.

  • stainless steel and high end parts won't come in anywhere near £350.

    regular steel frame will though

  • thanks all @MickeyM, @TM, @Jaaamiee, @Josh01 for making this a quella bikes shut down.

    Just went to see some BLB bikes. really shit actually. I'm spoiled on a brother frame with quality parts put together by someone from LFGSS. Gotta re-think the wife's ride. She's been on a specialised sirius for a while now, so probably used to something "sporty". All that dutchness won't cut it.

    ah well.. any ideas please message. thanks.


Quality SS for Wife's B-day ~ £350 budget

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