Poor mans Rivendell?

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  • I'm currently pedalling on two very same same bikes, a Mercian and Dawes both setup for touring.
    Trouble is they both only have a clearance for max 35's.

    I'm a big fan of the Rivendell lugged steel frame's & their clearance, not such a fan of their price tag + postage costs.

    Anyone know of frame builders out there building similar steel frames with larger clearance at a more modest price?

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  • Guessing your Dawes/Mercian only take 35mm without guards? A trad UK tourer would typically have had 32mm (1¼") tyres, so finding something with bigger clearances is tricky. My old Eclipse can just about squeeze 35mm tyres and guards in there, but it's pretty tight; if not set up for cantis, finding suitable deep-drop brakes is tricky (the Eclipse has Weinmann centrepulls). I'm not sure there is much available OTP - what are the most important Riv-a-like qualities for you, apart from wide clearances? I'm guessing rim brakes, slackish angles, threaded headset, lugged frame? My immediate thought for a rim-braked tourer with wide clearances is the Surly LHT, but it's not lugged and has a threadless headset. the Stanforths are nice but not massively cheap - once you're at that level you might as well be looking at a custom builder IMO.

  • Trek 970. Incredibly good frame.

  • This^

    But if you fancy a framebuilder who does great work like that, look at Llewellyn, Varonha, Woodrup.

  • Allcity Spacehorse , clearance for 45s and guards. not lugged but classic looks and ride well.

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  • Hard to come by, as it's an archived frame for All City, gone discs you see. @markturnip If you're not too fussed about lugs try Soma, or Surly, both steel, larger tyre clearances than your current bikes, canti/ long drop calipers ready.

  • surly crosscheck?

  • Surly LHT/Disc Trucker both build up very nicely in that Riv vein.

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  • Hey all. Thanks heaps for responses, been great looking through advice.

    Seems the Surly Crosscheck can be built up real nice with plenty clearance:

  • Although seems the Dawes Wildcat or similar can be build up pretty nice!

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Poor mans Rivendell?

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