• Just pringled my rear wheel -- front is a Wolber Gentleman and a match would be nice.

    Must be in good enough condition to make a re-build worth the effort!

  • Drilling?

  • 36 preferably but 32 is fine.

  • Actually, scratch that -- I want to re-use the hub, which is 36 hole.

  • I think I have a Wolber Gentleman rim, but built up as a complete rear wheel- if you can't find a rim then this could be an option?

  • Could be, unless it is another wheel full of ancient galvanised spokes! What's the hub and does it take an old-school 5-speed block?

  • Yup, they are quite common. I'll dig the wheel out and see. I'll also check about the hub.

  • I've dug the wheel out but as I said I wasn't certain what I had and it turns out that I remembered the model name correctly but the maker was actually Super Champion. And it was also a front wheel so I guess this rules it out. However, I am more sure that I have one or more nice quality/alloy 27" wheels with rusted spokes, so could unlace one for you if interested?

  • I think some Wolbers were branded Super Champion. Is it 36-hole? Anyway, yes, interested in any decent 36-hole rim if you are happy to cut out the spokes. Let me know what you have, though no hurry as I'm away this coming week. Thanks.

  • I have some 27" wheels in the garage that I've been meaning to strip the hubs from (lovely high flange Campag Record hubs - 6sp cassette on rear) for about, um, 3 or 4 years now at least.
    Rims are Wolber/Super Champion, clinchers, 22.5mm exterior, 17mm interior.
    Rear is 40 spoke - Super Champion Competition
    Front is 36 spoke - Wolber Super Champion Modele 58
    Both obviously fairly old (and dusty), but solid, no cracks, and very little rim wear.
    If interested you can have them for £20 each, or £20 for both (as I doubt I'll be able to sell one it's own and if I pack one I might as well pack both). Bad news is that postage will be about £20, as I'm in France (and all packages sent abroad have to go signed-for now).
    Let me know if interested.
    Pics are of the front/36 hole one.

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  • Yes, I had a vague idea the wheel could have been Wolber made, what with the vintage French manufacturers practice of commonly making parts for other French manufacturers, and more obviously because the seperate 'Gentleman' badge matches Wolber's one (and it's using the unusual model name at all). Thanks for confirming it for me:) I couldn't actually say ATM if it's 36 hole since I only have info for it off a bike storage list I forgot I had (I didn't actually dig the wheel itself out, as mentioned above!), but if I did know TBH I wouldn't really want to unlace the wheel since in its complete state it's a nice wheel.
    But, as I say, I will have a search for the 27" wheels with rusted spokes, and it will probably take a week so it's just as well you're ok to wait.
    But one other thing is I'm wondering if you might be local to me (north London) to collect the rims in person? The faff of posting rims/sourcing suitable boxes is a bit off-putting TBH, and of course (even with wheel boxes) there's also the risk of damaging items like rims when they're not in their built-up state. But then again, you might do better to buy the rims from the above chap, especially as they're Wolber/Super Champion examples, which I'm pretty sure mine won't be.

  • Hi Philbythesea, I'll happily take your two-for-the-price-of-one rims - will you pm me with payment details?

    Walkmanman thanks for the offer to dig out your mystery rims - but I like this bike a lot and feel I owe it a matching rim. Guess this one of the few places in the world where you can say something like that and not be taken for a complete wally.

  • Righto, I had only turned up a 40/32 hole set of Weinmanns anyway:)

  • Ive got a weinmann rim 36 if its any good to you?

  • Thanks, Dolph, but Philbythesea has a Wolber that I'm going to go for.

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Wanted: good quality 27" clincher rim, e.g. Wolber GTA

Posted by Avatar for destry @destry