for sale razesa banesto team used by miguel indurain

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  • ?

  • You must be new here

  • Would you accept 6,500?

  • Not that i have it.

  • Kollege, ich denke 8.5k ist ein klein wenig ausserhalb der Preisspanne, die für Leute dieses Forums relevant ist.

    Davon abgesehen, woraus genau rechtfertigt sich dieser Preis?

  • Offering 10k if you can ship to the Vatican.

  • New record in 17 minutes 3 blocked people wow
    For the next person when you don't like the post scroll the screan it's very simple

  • I think Big Mig deserves to have his bike back. Good karma for you if you did..

  • He doesn't like the price being questioned. Big fucking surprise...

  • Weren't you selling this on Instagram?

  • For the asking price you need some solid proof to prove it was owned by him, many people make replica's up all the time..
    If its the real deal i am sure you won't have a problem selling near your asking price... although you will never sell on here

  • Nice and wet, always the best photos!

  • 8500 euros and you can't even be arsed to pump the tyres up.

  • If you want air in the tyres its 9k

  • filled with air breathed in and then exhaled by indurain during a vo2 test ?

  • come on, there's a sticker that has his name on it. What more could you possibly want?

  • Isn't it a visual pun?

    In der rain?

  • Not sure Big Mug would have been riding a Reynolds 653 frame?

  • are the forks crashed?

  • Always ridden in the dry... Oh wait...

  • Eyes of an Eagle...

  • It was common for pros to train on 653 during the famous period of Miguel's Reign. It made them much fasterer.

  • Have you got any unwashed Lothar Matthäus Nationalmannschaft jerseys?

  • What is the frame number?

  • Dug out a old mag with The big man himself .

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for sale razesa banesto team used by miguel indurain

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