Workwear; or, Dandy rigouts in which to perform manual labour.

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  • I suppose it’s a bit niche because uk winters don’t warrant it. Over here (Sweden) all the kids live in padded overalls in winter and it’s great because they can play out in all conditions. I’ve noticed adult overalls filtering through to diy type shops for pretty cheap. So far resisted for sartorial reasons but might get one this year for romping in the garden.­kydd/herrklader/arbetsklader/overaller/v­interoverall-011429/

  • lined overalls

    That militarily surplus site above might have some.

    I noticed that there are SOME Austrian fleece Dungaree things. Worth a look.

  • Filson mackinaw dungarees would be warm but not vegan.

  • Yeah they look nice.
    I guess ideally I want a heavy cotton outer with synthetic padding.
    Workwear is one area I accept the odd non-vegan item if it’s considerably better than the alternative.


    Might of been suggested already but if not, that is a good uk based seller of carhartt workwear

  • TK Maxx Ealing today,
    just the one Carhartt Max Swing jacket.
    (Very?) heavy denim, made in Mexico down to £80.

  • Get their tin cloth dungarees and wear leggings underneath.

  • 7 pages discussing fashion workwear? Sick fucks. Everyone knows proper "workwear" is the old jeans and tshirts that are slightly too ripped to wear to the pub, the tracksuit covered in paint and jumper with half an arm missing. Anything else is fluff. The exception being the overalls you never returned from that part time job you had greasing tractors (definitely a euph).

  • Pfft. Desk monkey.

  • ...or plasterer

  • I ordered a set of white dickies overalls the other day. I’m not a decorator so it’s masochism at its finest as I watch them get covered in adhesives, filler and gravicol over the next few months.

    Getting to look like a droog at work is just a bonus...

  • When you realise you can buy 10 sets of decent overalls for the price of some Filsons it’s all pretty clear.. especially while I’m flat broke.
    I’ve found so far that cheap fleece lined jeans from eBay and a thermal top/tshirt combo under some unlined overalls is the sweet spot for in my workshop at the mo(I’m very skinny so get cold fast and stay cold).

  • I am now. Work clothes are the same thing as above :)

  • white


  • I don't have the portable radio for that.

  • Just arrived. Serving you Vegas Elvis realness.

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  • I’m all shook up

  • Intergalactic planetary.....

  • All good reasons.
    *browses hightop yellow work boots...

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  • .

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  • 1) hi-viz: orange for pros, green for pizza deliveries
    2) nail pockets (trousers with): only worn by soft-hand trades
    3) if you have to wear a helmet, get a short-peaked one (very pro) in orange (see 1 above) or black (Billy Big-Bollocks)
    4) I don't get out of bed for less than M16

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Workwear; or, Dandy rigouts in which to perform manual labour.

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