Surly steamroller 56, Dura ace, Thomson etc now £420

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  • My old circuit bike, which I used for a year or so. Was bought second hand but obviously lots of parts changed. Been used mostly as towel rack for the past two years.

    Frame - size 56 no dings. I’d say it’s a small 56 compared to my caad 12
    Wheels - brand spankers bought on here. Brand new kendas and sprocket, also the track nuts wouldn’t catch the thread so I’ve fittted wrong way. Easy fix.
    Chain - ridden until it’s dead. But think I’ve a new one kicking about so I’ll chuck it on.
    Stem - Thomson prob a 100
    Bars - something narrow the lovely Max had on it when I bought of her and never changed £££
    Chain set - Defo a dura ace and not a record.
    Saddle - battered San Marco.
    Front brake - think it works. It’s got some paint where the moron who stole the bike (some time before I owned) tried to paint. Cannondale lever on a SHIMANO calliper.

    Dunno if there’s owt else, pedals don’t come with but I can maybe find some old spuds but otherwise bring you’re own.

    Based in Bermondsey

    What you reckon to £420

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  • Mudguard for free

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  • If that's the chainset on that you will sell it with, it's a Dura Ace 7700 when 130mm BCD, and 7710 chainset when 144mm BCD.

  • That is the chainset and (in utmost) respect what’s your point?

  • His point is that those are not Campagnolo Record cranks.

  • What Tijs said.
    Jeez I'll try to be nice again next time

  • That’s why I said in utmost respect mate. I did question it when I bought it. I’ve lost so much interest in bike bits I didn’t even take a better a look. And I used to be a rep for SHIMANO. I’ll take a better look and update. Because obviously I meant DURA ACE re reading this sentence. Sorry everyone I’m 40 on Monday and brain cells etc.....

  • Take a look at the inside of the crank arms, at the ends:

    My guess is they're (Shimano Dura-Ace) 7710s.

  • Yes they are they always were. Again sorry prob cause I only ever used to race on record (and still lost).

  • did you just pull that out the water??

  • steamrollers gonna steam

  • True, true. Didn’t start well this.....

  • you sure its a 56?
    the headtube looks quite small

  • I’ll take the measurements mAte seeing as I can’t tell the difference between campy and Shimano. But having ridden it for a couple of years and being 6ft 1. I’m pretty sure it is

  • So yes. It’s a 56 like I said.­/geometry

  • And now has new chain

  • My thoughts exactly. Giving it the limelight is deserves.

  • Cheers. It is what it is....

  • Price drop £420. I might even add some photos in the dry..

  • If you decide to split and don’t mind posting, I’d take the frame and crankset

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Surly steamroller 56, Dura ace, Thomson etc now £420

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