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  • Wow again. What a find. Is it your size, too?

    Very lucky to have seen it and bought it immediately, not my size but had to rescue it :)

  • I don't think I've ever seen a biography or timeline of Les Ephgrave. How old was he when he died (of cancer)?

    Classic Rendezvous has a short history-
    Les Ephgrave is considered one of the master craftsman of the post war era. Les (also known known as Lou to his closest friends), built his last frame circa 1968. He worked for Harry Resch, then on to Claud Butler's. He went on his own in 1948. His brother Norman joined him.

    When orders were low, they produced steel shop fittings, shelving etc., which is where the trade-mark 'lollypops' and bars on the seat stay caps came from. These were the waste/cut-outs from that shelving production. 
    Len Phipps, the well known lug cutter, learned from Lou Ephgrave during the 1960s. Len would visit the Ephgrave frame building shop in Clapton, London on his Saturday's off to watch the 'master' at work. Len reports that Lou Ephgrave DID cut all the Ephgrave frame set lugs himself.

    Les died in 1969 of cancer. His brother eventually emigrated to Australia and he died there in 1980.


  • Thanks, I saw that and it was what prompted me to ask the question--I navigated from the link to the serial numbers posted earlier. As a 'biography', It didn't meet my exacting requirements. :)

  • Messaged the V-CC ephgrave enthusiast about the age with photographs but not heard anything from them.

    Looking at numbers of ephgrave frames -

    2412 - 1957
    3064- 1958
    3124 - 1959

    It looks highly likely that this one (3002) was made in 1958.

  • A little bit more of Ephgrave history written by the V-CC enthusiast and featured in the Dec 94 edition of the V-CC newsletter called News & Views - Thanks @BigBlock

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  • .

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  • Some Ephgrave frames have Simplex rear drop outs.
    This frame appears to have Campagnolo, from what I can read -

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  • Frame braze ons to to suit double cranks

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  • Stronglight cranks and were used by the previous owner with just the 36t inner ring.
    If I wanted to fit an outer ring to it make a double, Would it be a TA SPECIALITES I would be looking for?

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  • H/S -
    I think this is a 1st Gen Record, but I'm no expert!

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  • .

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  • RGF (Raccord Gargette Freres) bottom bracket shell-

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  • Lovely...!
    Obviously, don't you dare paint it! Makes me want to get a wiggle on with my Paris....it's been on the back burner too long.

  • Makes me want to get a wiggle on

    This in spades, this thread has me looking for another frame for my Lytaloy bits.

  • Yup, Specialities TA ring. is what you need, and some bolts obviously. ( I may have some but you can get them on ebay fairly easily I think)

  • Thanks and it's going to stay as it is.

  • Excellent thanks as I wasn't too sure.

  • Brake calipers -

    Been looking at what was available on or around 1958 and trying to decide what to start looking for and what would suit best.

    A short list so far -

    GB -Coureur, Sports, Coureur plus & Coureur 66.

    Universal - Model 51 or 61.

    Weinmann - 730 & Vainqueur 999

    Mafac - Racer.

    Any recommendations, tips are gratefully received.

  • TA seem to have made all the rings, so I don't see any easy alternative. The plus side is that they are cheap and plentiful.

    IMHO the GB brakes are poor in that they wear at the pivots, so become sloppy. Mafac have great reviews; they were often said to be years ahead of the competition. Again, cheap and plentiful. But their levers are shabby, so I'd look for Universal / Weinmann with an appropriate period look.

    I like your rear dropout, the small spring retaining hole above the mech pivot bolt is rare.

  • This is great, I've only just seen it!
    Your chainring there is the outer ring, so if you want higher gears you would need another set of rings, bolts and proprietary washers between rings.
    You probably know this but the chainring in the picture is off, i.e. not symmetrically fitted to the crank. If you keep rotating it there is a spot where the arm fits right in the middle of one of the slots on the chainring, if that makes sense.

  • This is great, I've only just seen it!

    Thanks, superb craftsmanship on the frame.

    Your chainring there is the outer ring

    OK, had a look at a load of Stronglight 49 images and can see what the previous owner has done now - another ring ordered to make it a double.

    You probably know this but the chainring in the picture is off

    Thanks, didn't know/realise that but have now figured out what you mean and this is how it should look?

    Previous owner also didn't have the correct dust caps and fixed them in with blu tac.

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  • Thanks for the recommendation on Mafac brakes.

  • Yes, that's exactly what I meant.
    I wondered what that uneven thing was around the dust cap in the first picture. Good that it's just blu tac and not some sort of pipe repair compound.

  • Just found this lovely build thread - Any more developments?

    Autocorrect could save someone more than a few quid on this mispelt Ephgrave with the cheaper (at the time) but lesser seen No.2 lugs. Badged as an FR Russell and pick up only from Walsall.

  • No developments and will probably sell to fund other bits.

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