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  • Recent purchase.
    Couldn't resist buying it.
    I will remove non period part's and replace with something suitable.
    Photographs are the sellers and will update with further once it arrives.

    Don't have the frame number at the moment but not many of this particular model around.

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  • And

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  • Finally

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  • What year is it?

  • A guesstimate would be late 50s - early 60s. Once it arrives and I get the frame number it will be a little more specific on the age.

  • I've got a 50's brooks if you need. I bought it for a restoration that never got underway.

  • OOh, very nice. It's going to be spendy to do this justice.

  • Thanks, I think it could be :/
    I need to first figure out the approximate age and then work out the most appropriate parts.

  • Ephgrave was based in east London, right?

  • Wow that lugwork! I have the same oil filter cap over the bottom bracket on my Rory OBrien. Les Ephgrave was a Clapton frame builder and good at his job. Tied in with Rory OB.

  • Classic lightweights has it as Avertey Works, East London.

  • That's lovely. Super-thin chainstays.

  • Can't wait for it to arrive as it looks cracking.

  • Crazy how the 49D cranks look so much more modern than the rest of the bike. But they first came out in 1936 and I recall buying a new set from Holdsworth in 1971.

  • Oh wow, what size is it?

    I live quite close to the site of the former Ephgrave workshop (the building is long gone) and if I got a classic bike, it would have to be an Ephgrave. Hard to come by, obviously. Congratulations on this one.

  • Lovely find!
    I've always kept my eyes out for either an Ephgrave or a Frank Lipscombe, but have never found any in my budget!
    The story of the 'lollipops' on the seat stays is an interesting one! Apparently, Les was very 'careful' with his funds..... When there was some industrial racking made (think Dexion style), there was apparently a big pile of these getting dumped as waste, from the stamping out of racking...you know, the little holes the other bits slot into!
    Might of course be bollox, but I love the story!

  • Size - seller put it at 60cm and will see when it arrives.
    I had to rescue it as soon as I saw it.

  • Thanks. I also like the lollipop story.

  • Arrived and unwrapped

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  • And

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  • And unusual H/T badge and normally only have decals

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  • Brake bridge is lovely.

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  • Seat stay lollypop

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  • The paint looks original and in very decent condition.
    I will need to give the frame a good clean.

    Odd mix of parts with ITM bars, Pelissier 2000 hubs (i think) with Rigida rims, Stronglight crank, Campagnolo H/S,Shimano D/T shifters, Suntour XCE rear derailleur.

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