• Long story short, had to replace my chainset and have ended up doing so with some campag power torques...

    I know, I read up on it and could see it wasn't wise, but I've done it now and that's that.

    I've just installed them, and bought a 14mm allen key to tighten the non-driveside crank. Another mistake - didn't use a torque wrench.

    I was pretty cautious about overtightening so didn't put too much effort in, but the cranks are now not spinning freely. They turn smoothly no issues, but they don't spin more than a couple of revolutions before coming to a stop. I therefore assume I've overtightened them?

    Given they're power torque I now can't loosen them, as only the bolt comes out when you undo it. I don't have crank pullers to remove the crank arm.

    Before I take it to the shop to sort out:

    1. have I definitely over-tightened? I.E. should I expect the cranks to keep spinning? And
    2. Is there a way of sorting this out myself without getting the removal tools?

    Many thanks in advance for any help

  • have I definitely over-tightened?

    Sure it's not the bearings? Are they new?

    My cranks used to spin more freely than they do now, which I assume is a result of the bearings wearing.

  • New cranks and BBs don't spin very freely, so I don't think I'd be too worried, based on your description.

  • Hey Tijs, good to hear from you, hope you're doing well.

    All new, brand new bb cups, brand new crankset....

  • Hey Fizzy. Okay - that's comforting to know. I just assumed there shouldn't be any resistance no matter how minor. Maybe I'll just see how I go.

    To add to the above, I hadn't loaded the spring clip on the driveside before tightening the nds crank as I assumed this was only to stop it from falling off. Not sure if that made any difference...


  • Okay, perfect - thanks again.

  • If t sounds fine to me. That crank bolt is best tightened as tight as you can. You can only do it up so much anyway and that's how tight it's meant to be. too loose and it unwinds and the cranks fall off without the need of a puller.

  • Okay thanks, that's good to know. As the bolt actually pushes the crank on i was worried i could overdo it, especially as they're carbon PT's.

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Power Torque experts - help please - over-tightened cranks?

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