Dura-Ace Cog T-Shirts

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  • Just a notice.
    Probably not enough time for my team mate to sort and comprehend all the colours to get them down to TC.

  • No probs at all, I thought the kids might want to watch some racing that doesn't involve their old dad running.

    Someone in hackney Wick complimented me on my old blue one last week, said they had one too. Small world....

  • Absolute bloody legend.

  • brilliant. Have you asked/received mine or anyone's address?

  • On Friday night I am going to sit down with some Red Bull and maybe a bottle of wine to start getting things moving.

    If you have paid for postage please feel free to PM me your address.

    If you've already sent it I'll be looking back on PMs.


  • cheers buddy. Yep I've paid for postage so will PM you.

  • Just in case anybody was wondering if this was an elaborate scam..
    (the coloured shirts are underneath those piles)


    Today I've gone through the list and checked off payments and postage.
    Chased eight people for funds, I'm impressed overall how quickly people settled up in the main.

    Thanks again for your patience.

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  • Are \there any left?

  • There will be plenty of black and white shirts left(evidenced above) that will eventually be able to be purchased from the NLTCBMBC webstore.

  • Also, please send your address for post if you've not.

    Don't really want to be chasing dozens of people.

    Shirts will start going out this week.

  • nice 1 m9

  • Cheers John,
    I still wear my black DA one, and the yellow Thundercrit.
    Don’t suppose you’ve got any Thundercrit ones left?

  • Contact @roboto on here, he might
    (hope he hasn't sold the TC shirt that was meant for me..).

  • They look great! Where do we collect from?

  • Collections are at the back of the list atm.

    UK and Euro post first then I can put you in touch with the local guy. He is not being paid for collections so it isn't fair to overload him.


  • totally understable. Happy to pay postage on top if it makes things easier

  • Shoot the post payment to the bank details and I will add you to the list if you want?


  • I am currently PMing about 30 people - Please don't reply to my message unless it's important.

  • Also a little PSA for when these shirts get out in the wild.

    Cold washes are best to keep the design looking good for years.

  • Made the payment, if that's too no late no biggie, I can collect if neccessary. Cheers!

  • PM me your address please!

  • Replied to last weeks PMs.


    Will be ringing teammate soon to check how things are going.

  • Thanks for waiting everybody.

    UK shirts are going to the post today, EU and worldwide details will be sent over tonight.

  • .

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  • The fact that you posted this update at 4am speaks volumes ;-)
    Thanks for all your hard work and organisation.

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Dura-Ace Cog T-Shirts

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