Dura-Ace Cog T-Shirts

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  • Ha ha yes, the deets on the reference are just a handy cross-check for me.

  • Cool, Hope this doesn't become a stress fest!

  • excellent work, this is an epic order..
    once delivered a team photo methinks
    for those in london's famous london
    and the power of the forum

  • Paid.

  • Currently waiting for the printers to get back to me with the quote.

    Don't worry if I've not replied to your PMs EU crew, my other bank shot me a SMS on my UK number(CBA to get the old phone out of the safe and charge it). Your shirts are included on the quote request!

  • So I got the quote and have asked for the invoice, which should be sent and paid for tomorrow.

    The three that ordered Electric Green Small (x 1) and Heather Aubergine Medium ( x 2), unfortunately these two colours are out of stock.
    Was suggested to substitute with Irish Green and Heather Purple which I accepted to keep things moving.

    Please go check those colours out and if not suitable I'll send you the second preference shirt in white or black. Failing that I'll shoot you refunds np.


  • I'm cool with Heather purple.😎

    Thanks for doing this, the thought of organising something like this makes my teeth itch.

  • paid with Wise
    Reference details:
    cvg L D3 W W on B

  • No one else ordered electric green!! Shocking.
    Irish green is great.
    Super thanks :)

  • Heather purple looks great. I'm also ok with that color.

  • Sent payment without postage, assuming collection is possible. And the reference wasn't long enough for my sub choice but I'll be happy with a white one or something if needs be. Cheers

  • Paid! Cheers

  • I've been away for a week so only just got around to doing this but have just paid, also from Monzo.

    Characters are limited in the comments box so have sent two payments for two tees, one including postage for two (£19) and one without (£15). Hope this makes sense.

  • Likewise.. Just seen this, and fucked it up, I am sorry
    I had forgotten my original order, and so initiially only paid for one, just paid for the second. Messed up my references. Frankly if I was you I would just keep my money and tell me to fuck off.

  • apologies for delay, paid up last night - ref: ElGonzo M D9 W BW

  • Invoice came in, was paid over the phone with printer(money has left account).

    Next step will be to confirm proof and printing should happen quickly afterwards.

    Going to bed.

  • cheers John, paid

  • All paid as well, but of course I messed up the reference in the transfer.

    2x£15 bank transfers say:

    As per my order on the list here, the first one should be with a white print:

    Apologies for the added hassle.

  • hello! just paid this morning after getting back from me lolidays. didn't read the thread first so looks like the order might have gone through already?
    hopefully i wasn't too late, but no worries if i was.

  • Pretty sure I just put through everything as no matter what I'd be able to sell the colour shirts regardless.

    Will check tonight.

  • Shirts are in print stage now.

  • woohoo, great work mister.

  • nice! cheers for all the effort - i appreciate how tricky it can be just from the logistics of selling a few stickers!

  • Shirts should arrive tomorrow.

    As I'm doing this by proxy, on top of a full life from the otherside of the planet, please bear with me.

    Don't PM me either.. :D
    (If I can get preorders to Thundercrit I will. No promises)

  • Might take 1/2/3 kids to the Sunday thundercrit. Looks good

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Dura-Ace Cog T-Shirts

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