• Hello everybody,

    I introduce myself, I'm a long time lurker of lfgss. I really appreciate the content so I decided to participate a little with my stuff.

    In addition it will improve my English which is very ... French

    So I'm a Parisian bike mechanic and I like all type of bike but a little more when it has tubulars and rim brakes... (And even more when it appears on a very low quality picture...)

    I will start with some past bikes. Sadly I do not have pictures of all

    My ex road bike, Mbk Chrono. Very lovely frame that i still own

    Fixed gear beater (yep that's the best picture I have of him, yep that was 2years ago not 1992...)

    My colnago Dream cyclocross sold few days ago. A "keeper" :'(

    Bikes that I still Own

    My current road Bike. Really cool to ride absolutely not photogenic. I swear in real life its not that bad...

    My"track" Bike. He's now "full black" but I think I will return to gumwall

    My eternal Daily. Now 8 speed with mtb panaracer Tires

    My beater/road/cyclotourism Pre cursa

    He recently underwent a wrap car vynil thing. It litteraly burn the captor of my phone every time

    With a custom cinelli ram brake lever...

    My new cyclocross. Stem/handlebar and saddle are going to change

    My current project is that palletti who's going full super record

    That's not all, I will try to update time to time. I like doing little funny ratty looking stuff stuff like the Ram lever.

    A plus !

  • Welcome to international water !

  • The hack / bodges thread would be a good home for your Ram lever.

  • That ram lever bodge is wild

  • My beater/road/cyclotourism Pre cursa

    How did you wrap the frame with the car vinyl stuff? Is the wrap in a number of pieces, do you have photographs of completing this?

    Love the Paletti.

  • Une tune en 140 pour ton cx ca t'interesse?

    Sinon tu sais ce que je pense de tes velos, ils sont RAD

  • 1 big piece for each tube and thousand of pieces on junction with help of heat gun. From a distance it does not show but when you approach ... But I'm pretty happy with the result

  • Yes j'ai vu ta potence, elle est tres stylée mais meme si je suis un adepte slamage ça ait un peu beaucoup...

    Sur le cx j'oscille entre 110 et 120mm...

  • Someone needs to explain to me how that lever works because it looks wild...

  • Plus de photos of GT please, big fan of your bike

  • J'aurais tenté au moins aha

  • It seems that the lever works as any cross top lever while being attached to the handlebar via that chainring bit which is bolted on the bar's garmin/di2 mount

  • Exactly, nothing crazy. Take a cross lever, cut the clamp part off, drill two holes on the lever on put some threads in it. Then bolt it to a chainring section

    And I forgot one of my favorite bikes. My decathlon penta pro, really stiff, really light

  • How many miles did you ride on that touring Pre Cursa ? All your builds look nice and practical, been lurking on that Colnago CX for a time !

  • In that configuration fully loaded about 400/450km last summer. The longest step was 160km. 44/16 (and 44/20 as "ratio pls" used it 40km...). After that I was jsut cruising with my girlfriend

    First time I was doing that much on fixed gear, feels really good but but I felt a little too much weight of my stuff ...

    That motivated me to ride longer distance on fixed gear but next time it will be with a lot less equipment and maybe not on the hotest day of the summer... I had the impression that with a light bike I will be able to go further faster more easily

  • I have printed some caps for DA 7900 hoods. If anyone needs them I can share the files.

  • Time to update

    Was my holliday bike. Not built anymore but keep the frame 'cause its a nice ride

    Decathlon penta pro ag2r. Very nice frame. Way to more stiff. Stiffer than anything I know exept the kg396. Built with a mix of campa. Mainl chorus 11

    Commuter/cx bike. Built with Ultegra/xtr di2. dp18 wheelset is tubeless and work perfectly. Really fun bike

    Found it for cheap. Couldn't not buy it. Built with a mix of dura ace 7400 and 7700

    My first nice fixed gear. Crazy cyfac quality

    Colnago c40. Secondary road bike after the holdsworth. Years of hhsrb thread scrolling conduct to that...

    I bought the groupset as a joke (and because I want to try it). Had to put it on a frame. That poor cyfac was here...

    Decathlon penta contre la mondre COfidis. Built with a mix of dura ace 9000 and 7900.

    My principal road bike. Holdsworth competition with dura ace 9000 and ultimates. Perfect bike. No reason to change since 3 years

    Cannondale caad 10 track. My funiest track bike to ride on or off the track.

    Kg396. Nothing to say. Had an opportunity...

    Stratos fixed with 2 brakes. Really cool bike to ride at our local hamster track longchamp and Polygone (that explain the big ring)

  • Well that escalated quickly :-)

    Un petit descriptif pour accompagner?

  • Insane update. All your builds are so good

  • Strong

  • Done ! Little description for each bike

    @Simba @PhilDAS thanks !

  • Few bikes that I forgot...

    Paletti super Record. Really nice old thing. Actually unbuild. But it will be again

    My omnium cargo on in his first configuration

    Really cool to ride with the drops and the di2. But it takes too much space on the rack (that I actually needed at the time. But still regret this setup since

    actual state

    This thing is not mine anymore. Rode it few times and was very "soft". The 140 stem was not helping

    This wheelset was lying here...

  • This whole page is pure amazing!

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Elpolo's garage Colnago C50/holdsworth/Caad10track/Stratos/kg396/....

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