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  • Was hoping some London based cyclists might be able to help me with some route advice please. Later this week I will be visiting London and plan to take my bike with me. I am unsure whether to use roads or to use a cycle superhighway

    **Journey **
    Euston Station to Vauxhall Station
    Google suggests using the A400 southbound, then past Leicester Sq, Trafalgar Sq, Big Ben etc and finally across Vauxhall Bridge. I'd like to know whether it's worth me taking a detour and using the new cycle superhighway 6 (­tember-2018.pdf) which runs from Kings X to Elephant & Castle. Or is this cycle path too far out the way to be worth using?


  • If you don't know London, then the NS cycle superhighway then the EW cycle superhighway, then the embankment, then Vauxhall bridge, is a good route.

    The route via Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square is quicker but only if you are happy filtering through heavy bus traffic and complex junctions which can be a bit of an overwhelming experience.

  • The cycleways are good. If you want to chill, use them.

    Personally I would do something like this and avoid the worst of the main roads.

  • For science it would be handy if you were to give the CSH route a go, to see how new user friendly they appear...

    They are meant to be good for wayfinding and be very well signposted, which is hard to judge when you can fill in the gaps. A new visitor is a great test specimen...

  • The cycle super highways are good but often don't get to where you wanna go.
    You will have to share the road with cars are times.
    Take a look at the quiet ways maps.. they are genuinely good for London.­provements-and-projects/quietways

  • Cheers for the advice and links. I'm comfortable riding in heavy traffic and filtering. While my general Geography of London is good (name an area/borough and I could probably tell you if it's North, South, West or East). However, I do not know the streets of London very well. If I took the shortest route (on road), chances are I would need to stop a few times to check I was on the right track.

    Therefore at this stage (and because I'm curious to experience them) I'm leaning towards the cycle superhighways. It will be a longer route but at least I'll have stretches of traffic free cycling. Could be handy as it's likely to be cold, wet and dark.

  • Don't worry about pulling over and checking your maps... I still do it after a decade of riding all most exclusively in this city.

  • Just don't do it in Lower Clapton, you'll get bikejacked.

  • So, I need to go from Wood Lane (W12) to Regent Street (W1A) on a regular basis. I did it today and went Shepherds Bush rbt - Holland Park Avenue -Hyde Park and then through Wigmore Street. It was grim. The Holland Park Avenue through Notting Hill bit was the worst.

    Is there any possibility of quieter, cleaner route? I don't mind if it takes a bit longer.

  • Your best bet is probably North Pole Road off Wood Lane. At the end of North Pole Road (at the triangular not-quite-roundabout) you can turn into St Quintin Avenue, then St Mark's Road, Lancaster Road, St Luke's Road, Westbourne Park Road and Westbourne Park Villas, Porchester Road, Bishop's Bridge Road (only a short bit), turn right into Eastbourne Terrace, Praed Street (busy), Chapel Street, right into Old Marylebone Road, Homer Row, Crawford Street, Paddington Street, and then unfortunately you hit the Westminster one-way mazes without contraflows. North into Nottingham Place, east into Nottingham Street (just following the one-ways), south into Marylebone High Street, east into Weymouth Street all the way to Regent Street. That may not make you hit Regent Street exactly where you want to go, so may need tweaking. The return is slightly different because of the one-ways.

    It's not the way I would go, but does the job of avoiding most main streets, with the exception of the area around Paddington, which is unavoidable unless you want to do Harrow Road and Marylebone Road. :) I don't think it would take that much longer than the A402. You may well start off quite far south in Wood Lane, but unfortunately permeability across the A3220 is extremely poor. You can cross it with a bike at Ariel Way through Westfield (there's a ramp on the east side) and then thread your way through Holland Park, but it's lots of little streets and turns there and would probably take much longer. The detour is easier to navigate.

  • Cool, thanks for the detailed directions
    One for the wahoo. Will see how it goes later. Anything to avoid Notting Hill etc.
    I'm even more amazed that K&C vetoed the TFL plans having experienced that stretch.

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Route advice please (London)

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