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  • Olympic records have a wind assistance limit.

    Some do. They're also trying to equalise across an "event", they're not an outright record.

    The rules are the rules. Same as RRA records are valued more highly than 'some bloke did something on Strava and claimed some arbitrary "world record" nonsense'

    It's why UCI Hour Record riders are now having to go back to Mexico for the lower air density. It's why the first sub-2hr marathon wasn't a world record because of drafting, funky shoes, etc.

    The rules for Everesting are clear and anyone disputing his record has no grounds to because it's already been validated and is "the record".

  • I’ll have you know my world record heading south over Tower Bridge from lights to lights is not nonsense.

  • I've done it faster.

    I just don't care enough to post it on Strava.

    I'm the current World Record holder.

  • I also set the fastest time up every mountain in France. But, again, you'll just have to trust me on that one. World Record Holder.

  • Le Col and Strava with the year late, legally advised marketing.

  • Le Col and Strava with the year late, legally advised marketing.


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  • Oh, the "8848 challenge" as opposed to "Everesting"? Did someone trademark Everesting or something?

  • No idea, I suspect like most Strava challenges it’s some diluted form of something else anyway

  • Looks like you have the month of June to complete it in. You've probably already done it @hippy

  • Peewhits and Curlews 600k on Jun 4th was >9000m on the Garmin so yeah, probably :)

  • Yep, joined, already completed. :)

    I can get a free jersey because I did it in one ride? What's the catch?

  • Need to be strava subscriber and have LC__CC membership

    Strava Subscribers who complete the full 8848m of elevation in one activity will unlock and earn the limited edition Le Col 8848 jersey for free.

    LC__CC membership is required in order to validate your Everest attempt and unlock your jersey as soon as you complete.

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