Building/buying my niece a bike

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  • Hi all,

    Making this thread to stop clogging up the “report dangerous drivers” thread.
    For those who didn’t see at the time, my niece was hit by a van whilst on her bike going to school in Ruyton XI Towns, Shropshire.
    You can see it briefly reported here­ace-girl-11-bike-crash-shows-must-wear-h­elmet-7735956/
    Despite this report saying she was walking for some reason, she was cycling.
    She has suffered life changing injuries but is strong and positive and is super keen to get back to her ballet classes and amazingly, she wants to get back on a bike.
    So I’m going to build her one or if there is a quality otp option I’ll consider that.
    Please let’s keep this thread about the project and not about helmets or drivers etc.
    Some people have said they’d like to donate towards something for her for Christmas. If you’d like to do that, it would be extremely appreciated. The kindness shared on here when things are tough for some people is astonishing.
    No pressure though, project will go on regardless.
    I’ll try to find out how tall she is and make a start there with deciding on what frame/bike would suit but I’d like it to be something quality that will last her a few years at least. Flat bar, big tyres, guards maybe. Something like an XS pinnacle lithium perhaps
    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Edit: GoFundMe set up and can be found here:

  • Tragic, truly tragic that things like this can happen, but her spirit is amazing. Where can one donate, can you give us a PayPal address or something? I can give only a little, but I would very much love to do that.

  • From my time as a cycling instructor the Frog bikes are well made with decent components. Isla bikes are similar but a bit more pricey.

  • I'm always picking up good kids bikes cheap. Give me some idea of size and I might be able to help. I'd love to help.

  • Jeeesus..I can't bring myself to click that link.
    Don't have any parts that would suit but would like to donate what I can.

  • Well I haven’t set up a page yet but if anyone would like to give anything, you could send over to on PayPal and I will transfer over all donations once it’s set up.

  • Here’s some more details about her current condition that I wrote a few days ago on the other thread­

  • I think now that most of the soreness from stitches in her mouth has gone, she’s starting dental work which includes root canal this week apparently. And back in for a brain scan on the 4th according to my sister. Don’t know what sort of scan that is though

  • So sad! Poor girl. All the best...

  • Thank you. She’s young enough that she’ll manage completely fine when she’s older I suspect. But things will always be a little tougher

  • I like that this thread is pinned.

  • Yep, I am in, I'll do whatever I can to help the project.

  • i'm in.

  • If you set up a page Virgin Money Giving (and others) is better than Just Giving as they don't take a slice of the donations and give it to their executives (it's 5% - quite a lot really when we're talking about new bike money).

    Good on you for doing this.

  • You should setup a PayPal money pool thing, then I think we can all watch the progress (I think)

    It would be amazing if any of the talented frame builders on the forum wanted to get involved but I'm happy to donate for something OTP too.

  • trip to london
    bike fit
    custom bike

    we can make this happen!

  • If you need money, I'd like to help.

    Edit: I wish I could do something more to help other than offer money.

  • Frog bikes divide opinion as far as fit goes. I've heard a lot of people say that they are weirdly long.

    Awesome thread BTW, is there any cool custom stuff that some talented forumengers could make for accessorising said bike?

  • +1 to swerving justgiving if possible. i did a charity ride for my mates little girl this year and they took over £100 out of the money raised. should have read the small print

  • Mate, if you need anything give me a shout! Sorry about your niece, where are all here for you and her. As the forum said, if you need anything parts, time or company we are here for you. (Also I still have you spacer and top cap from SF, give me a buzz and I can swing over before or after werk) xoxo

  • my name buddy?! WHERE DO I SEND MONEY?

  • I am your uncle now.
    I need to set up one of the pages mentioned above. You can PayPal me if you like, a couple people already have and I will add it to the page once it’s up.

    To be honest, it’s giving me real anxiety receiving people’s money. Any help with all this and the project would be awesome



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Building/buying my niece a bike

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