Non-cycling luggage

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  • The patagonia MLC is pretty good. Tote or pack and sized for carry on. Usual hardwearing construction and the other Patagonia stuff.

  • Sooo, bought and sold the Frank Clegg.
    As some mentioned it WAS heavy for it's size and I could've lived with that, ultimately though it was just too big for my purposes. And, to be honest, it kinda looked like an oversize purse which I was not in the mood to travel with.
    Got something way cheaper made of canvas coming instead - half the weight and about 2/3 the capacity, just the right size.

  • I don't suppose anyone has one of these­55-22-3-way-boardcase--black/116879-1041­.html

    Looks like a decent hand luggage sized backpack, just wondering how comfy it would be. Felt fine in the shop but obviously that's when it's empty.

  • Pretty sure this dude used to.

    Maybe try tweeting him for some feedback?­lang=en

  • Found out the other day there is an OSPREY outlet store in Radlett the other day. Some great deals, especially on men's weekend bags and a lovely grey leather laptop bag.

  • I thought he was more of a briefcase guy

  • All joking aside. I'd choose something else.

    If you want a Samsonite, get a Samsonite, not something the marketing department created for dads who's kids have a Herschel.

    A semi-technical option is Tom Bihn. All his stuff is very well thought through.

  • I'm not particularly fussed about Samsonite or not. I've got a few criteria that very few bags seem to meet.

    Backpack (one with decent straps and a padded back so you can carry it for a while if needs be).
    Clamshell for easy packing/access.
    Upper end of hand luggage size (40-50 litres).
    Decent number of usable pockets for laptop, kindle, toiletries, etc.

    I'm not that fussed by looks (the Samsonite one looks ok in real life but not great).

    Not much matches those requirements, looking at the Tom Bihn one for instance the ones in that style are a bit small (although I may look into them as a weekend bag).

  • TNF Refrector is my current go to for short work trips and weekends away. I’ve had it for three years and use it on average on 3 trips a month. Ideal if you’re packing a laptop.

  • I don't go anywhere anymore, annual trips to Sydney and back to Europe excepted... But my Mission Workshop Vandal has been my carry on for almost a decade, it's wonderful, I've even managed to get a broken down guitar in it across the planet... My big case is a twenty year old Samsonite Shell-Lite, been around the world loads of times and still good as new... I've been waiting for an excuse to buy a Rimowa for years but this Samsonite just won't die...

  • I picked up one of these in the US as my new hand luggage for trips up to a week or so. I have to carry multiple laptops and my old bag wasn't really cutting it.­s/setout-divide-backpack

    Seems pretty decent so far. Fits plenty in when expanded (I decided 45l was just too large) and has some decent organisation and when unexpanded is reasonably compact for a shorter trip.

  • What's Shimano 105 luggage? Antler? Somewhere between £30 TK Maxx and Rimowa.

  • I think Away is very you

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  • I think I'm insulted

  • says Slack in the copy!

  • I don't really need hand luggage, rather 2 of a medium size that would do us both for a week on its own or a fortnight with another the same.

  • Antler


    Always eventually have good sales too.

    TKMaxx will almost definitely be a false economy - better to buy a Dunlop from Mike Ashley.

    Tripp from Debenhams are also good VFM. Plus you can view the physical object. I'd probably still go Antler, an old British Co, good guarantee/warranty, usually thoughtfully designed, well made.

  • Anyone have either or both the Filson briefcase or 24 hour briefcase, looking for pros cons

  • Have you looked at Chapman?

  • Nope? I’m certainly open to other ideas.

  • Haven’t ordered in a long time but I like the quality of the little satchel from them, impressed by the bonded cotton that they use for most of their products too.

  • With a combination of WFH and in the office I need to commute with my laptop (13") and not very much else (sandwiches, small headphones, kindle) a few times a week.

    All my existing bags are a bit big so am looking for a compact messenger style bag. Something reasonably hard wearing, at least a little waterproof and sleek (not quite the word I'm looking for, don't want big buckles, not too thick, etc). Will be using a saddle bag when I cycle so no requirement to be used for cycling.

    Any suggestions, cheers?

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Non-cycling luggage

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