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  • Couldn't find anything in search that addressed this specifically, so here's a thread for anyone who travels and is looking for appropriately sized and formatted luggage.
    I travel every year, with a longer trip every second one, usually to UK and/or the continent. I enjoy getting shit together for these treks and am slightly obsessive about that, especially the bag that I end up using. Almost all of my travel (about half the time with my wife) involves public transport and so right from the first longer trip in the late 80s I've only gone with carry-on, moving between 18-30 litre bags.
    My latest is kind of retrograde in the sense that it's heavy and on the larger end of the scale, but this time around I wanted to pretend that I'm a grown up and so have ditched the backpack for a holdall, specifically the Frank Clegg small travel duffle.
    It's a beastly 2kg in Cognac-coloured harness belting leather that'll surely outlast my days.

    How do you travel luggage-wise?

    All comments welcome of course, especially those in the "WTF, I just use whatever Lidl has in black" vein.

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  • I think life is too short to carry a heavy weight around, so I have a Rimowa suitcase that passes cabin baggage size requirements and an old, battered but quite tough leather messenger bag type thing. All electronics and sufficient books for the journey go in the bag, clothes in the case, and I have a larger hold case for bigger trips. Last time I went cycling I got all my clothes in the bike case, as padding, so only took the cabin sized case though. I’m in Sydney currently and bought the smaller case with me as I’ll be spending a couple of days in Melbourne, so I can take enough stuff for that, other I would not have bothered with it.

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  • I’m a strictly one bag, carry on only traveller, ever since I flew to Helsinki and my luggage (and warm coat) went to Paris. Currently using a Patagonia bag that is both a tote and a backpack, it’s pretty roomy and I can stuff about four days worth of things in it.

    For me, light luggage is the best idea. I don’t understand why you want to carry around a heavy bag, even before it’s filled with stuff. Especially if you are sightseeing for the day

  • I travel a fair bit for work (Europe and US, trips generally a week or two weeks).

    A week or less is nearly always hand luggage. Two weeks or more is generally hold luggage (if I'm staying in an apartment or similar where I know there's a washing machine I may still go hand luggage).

    Being able to skip check-in queues and the added convenience of not having a big bag when getting on trains, etc makes the lack of size worth it.

    Being a grown-up with a bad back I use a backpack. A duffel might look nicer but quickly leaves me crippled and I just can't be bothered wheeling round a little wheely bag, it's a real faff. I normally go with a Chrome Boris as the big zip makes it easy to pack stuff flat and access it at the other end.

    I have a Rapha packable backpack which I use as a day/laptop bag for daily work duties as it fits easily into the big bag (I've had a few packable backpacks and the Rapha one is way better than any other I've used. Decent size, strong but packs down really well, when I lost my first one I ended up buying a second).

    Long trips it's an Antler wheelie suticase that I bought in HK about 10 years ago (after the wheel fell off my shit sports direct one) and smallish laptop backpack.

  • I think life is too short to carry a heavy weight around

    True, though my total weight would still be around 8 kg - the smallest Rimowa I can see is 2.2 kg and 37 litres, way too big and heavy for me, unless you got the kids one which would be about right.
    My trips usually range from 2-5 weeks; same bag, more hand washing.
    All the books I read these days are on the SE.

  • I don’t understand why you want to carry around a heavy bag, even before it’s filled with stuff. Especially if you are sightseeing for the day

    Yep, though 8-9 kg isn't too bad, and anyway I'd rather have the duffle stashed somewhere while I'm walking around. I'll generally carry a small bag for my camera (9"x6"x3" older Chapman) along with a folding nylon shopping bag.

  • Antler

    Long standing UK company, good quality, good warranty, well designed, often on sale.

    A 2kg holdall sounds OK as a weekend bag to put in/out of the car, but probably not my choice for flying. I was trying to get one made in Buenos Aires, as I was thought it'd be like getting a jacket made, but it turned out to cost a fortune.

  • While super geeky these are amazing.

  • Being able to skip check-in queues and the added convenience of not having a big bag when getting on trains, etc makes the lack of size worth it.

    I love being able to do that, along with never losing luggage to the carrier.

    Being a grown-up with a bad back I use a backpack.

    I get that, having neck and shoulder issues myself. I'm depending on being able to move the bag from hand to hand, shoulder to shoulder in order to minimize the stress. I've found that a backpack hasn't been the fix I hoped it would be, with a minimal though unrelenting stress on me.

  • Thanks, how do I do that?

  • Thanks for moving the thread @Velocio (I assume).

  • North Face do great trundly suitcases... reasonably priced and rugged (good wheels).

    I typically travel with a cabin bag one of those and a Mission Workshop duffle bag:­shoulder-duffle-bags/products/the-helmsm­an-rolltop-duffle-shoulder-weekender-bag­

    I roll that empty and stuff it in the top of the North Face, travel with lots of thin clothing. Slowly migrate clean clothes from the suit case as dirty clothes into the duffle bag, and at the end of the trip put the whole lot back in the suit case.

    If it turns out I've bought anything, I have just overflowed into the duffle.

    I can handle trips of up to 10 days with this system and carry on luggage only.

  • Neat system though the Mission bag is actually bigger than I'd ever travel with, I guess wheeled bags are the real mark of adulthood.

  • When I fly with work, it's usually a couple of days overnight and I have an earlier version of this­-backpack
    as I was on the lookout for a rucksack equivalent to my dakine split roller, an earlier version of this­-bags/luggage/split-roller-110l-bag/

    I hated flying with a rucksack, wedging everything in and then having to pull everything out to get to something at the bottom of the bag, the arcteryx means I can search for things pretty easily and see everything that's in it, whenever I need to open it.
    Also since I never really unpack, I just leave things in a pile around it, ready to be shoved back in.
    Same for the dakine, which I like because of the seperate compartments, ruggedness and ease of movement when rolling, had it for a decade and it's still going strong

    I'm probably looking for something that will split the difference between the two (40l-60l) some sort of split roller duffel bag, that would be a hold bag for week long journeys, rather than breaking out the big one, which always feels a bit excessive for any journey which isn't a fortnight.

  • I'm surprised how heavy that Arcteryx is, especially for a technical bag. Has it a lot pockets/padding?

  • The mission bag isn't that large... barely carry-on size:

    The thing I like is that you can fold / roll it flat, and it is padded (so laptops aren't destroyed in such a soft bag and it retains it's structure when fairly empty), and it has pockets for keys, passport, etc.

  • version I have, has a decent amount of padding (moulded foam), at the back, and the sides are fairly structured, and the fabric is quite hard wearing, but you wouldn't want to put it in the hold, if that's what you're asking.

    It does get heavy when you pack stuff in, shoes, clothes, travel toiletries, laptop, etc, but it's fine as long as you've got the sternum strap closed so it doesn't pull your shoulders back..

    reading this review of it, they've got the weight down as 1.7kg­blade-30-backpack-black-8579-p.asp

  • I know, my weight savings come with small container size and just a few essentials.

  • I had a North Face wheelie bag- they fucked me on a warranty repair for it and I shall never purchase anything from them again.

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Non-cycling luggage

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