Road fixed / fixed road

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  • I moved to bullhorns 3 months ago. For climbing they can't be beaten.

  • I moved to a flat bar when I broke my brake lever on my drops, thought I'd be rushing to go back but really enjoy it still. Mostly commuting though I've used it on one or two longer rides. It also has mtb barends inboard from the grips for extra ugly and a different hand position.

  • I concur, a lot of people here aren't fans though.

  • I find bullhorns and aero bars provide more variety and comfort than drops.

  • if only i could find bullhorns that worked with my hydro disc brake...

  • Magura make some don't they?

  • Does it have to have drops to be a road/fixed? This took me round a 300k Audax at the weekend.

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  • Does it have to have drops to be a road/fixed?

    In general, no. To qualify for this thread, yes.

  • Fair play, that's awesome. I don't think anyone's keeping particular tabs on the thread.
    Wouldn't drops plus the extensions give you the same hand positions & more?

  • Kind of, but no. Instead of having you fingers split between bars and hoods you can just grab the bar. Much more comfortable when you are yanking it up the 100th hill on an Audax.

    Edit: Plus the bullhorn (160g) and brake lever (44g) are 204g, drop bars and lever would be 300g+

  • Click on the link, they're with @Rod_Saetan in Streatham Hill.
    EDIT: rear hub is screw-on, so that might not be of interest after all.

  • Mrs M_V bought be ‘Cyclepedie: A tour of iconic bicycle design’ for my birthday and flicking through it I’m really loving the bullhorns without aero extensions look that a lot of time trial and pursuit bikes were rocking in the late 80s early 90s.

    Might try some bullhorns on my fixed road.

  • Lo pros are fucking awesome from that era.

  • This setup with inboard barends works great for me too

  • Respect! I hope it was a flat course?

  • Wasn't too bad 2400m climbing. The Dartmoor devil the week before was a PITA with 2800m over 100k.

  • That sounds tough! Mind me asking what ratio you run for these sorts of rides? I’ve been playing around with longer fixed rides and haven’t found my ideal set-up (and fully appreciate it’s personal and will totally depend on the profile of your ride - just interested to see what other people run). Cheers

  • <3
    I didn't think there'd be any love for this

  • 73" I don't bother changing it out for different rides, just suck it up.

    Edit: It helps the bike is 6.9kg and will be down to 6.5kg with my new wheelset. My commuting bike is also fixed and weights 12kg, much harder to drag up hills at the end of a long day.

  • Thank you it's mine too :)

  • Ahh not to worry then, I'll keep an eye out for a fixed set. cheers for the offer though

  • My fixe/road/cx

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Road fixed / fixed road

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