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  • Nope nope nope! I got tired of waiting for my velosolo cog to arrive so made one myself from a screw on cog

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  • That’s some clean brazing by the dropout

  • I just need to accept that the reach is slightly too long to comfortably brake from the hoods! A shorter stem and some BDHU will likely rectify the issue.

    @MisterMikkel – I'm going to pinch the front wheel from my All-City for some Bike Time Spook Zone sessions.

  • Stripping cranks (and brake levers?) would really be over the top and suit it quite nice imo. Effort vs. gain might be totally off balance though.

  • I think actually the black makes the frame pop more. I would like to get cranks re ano in all black but it is a winter ride so who cares. Seat post is getting swapped for all black again at some point. Just need the bike part rotation scheme to add up.

    Silver/gold ratio isn't working for me currently.

  • Surprised to see that in here! That was my dream bike, and I bought it off someone on here way back in about 2012, sold it in 2017 (I think) and haven't forgiven myself yet.

  • Good points. I think the exposure makes the paint job appear darker than irl.

  • How do you get the nice filmmatic look to you digital photos?

  • Adobe Lightroom for my phone. I use a Samsung Galaxy s21 and the play with curves and exposure.

    here they are side by side

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  • .

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  • Excellent!

  • I've not seen that pic in years! I used to get a hard on for that, even the big fuck off stem looked right.

  • From the time machine, here’s a link to a gallery of fixed bikes from the 2007 PBP. Originally posted to FGG back then. I book marked it back then and still check it out on occasion.­/p-b-p/

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    • C95E935D-6F83-4CB9-83A9-B5DD6FAC1C19.png
    • 17FB40A4-2F52-46F8-9F12-21CCED8A9853.png
    • 329F365A-450E-4DC6-B104-53EF335606A5.png
    • BD48AEF6-8193-4AF8-99A4-8D4DA4652FB9.png
    • 9E13B23F-ABB2-4C04-8301-18EF3F47B3E7.png
    • A9BECA90-0368-4B92-B3D3-665729BC30B5.png
  • Fun fact: the Roy Thame in the last photo belongs to the keyboard player from Jethro Tull

  • That’s a super fun fact.

  • That Steve Potts is the dream.

  • For me it’s the Dave Yates.

  • Road fixie/fixie road that I spotted on PBP

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  • God damn x Wing vibes

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  • Agreed. The Potts and Chester are both really good, but I could do with different bars on the Chester.

    There are a few gems in the bunch.

  • This just arrived. In parts-bin mode at the moment but excited to get it dialled, stick some mudguards on and see what it can do.

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  • Looks like you have a decent base to start from... I've had a respect for Schwinn bicycles owning a 2001 predator trail bmx from new. Still being ridden by my niece in her teenage years. A few years back I re commission it as a commuter in the snow not wanting to dump my track bike on some ice....

    I'm liking the fork details and hood/bar placement. Currently considering buying dummy hoods or adding brakes but I'm stuck in my brakeless wayzzz

    Have fun with the build!

  • 10/10

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  • I love mine!

    (it’s not fixed tho)

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  • I'd change the headset spacers for silver ones, add some (longer) mud flaps and maybe a little bit of BDHU? Otherwise very nice! :-)

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Road fixed / fixed road

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