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  • 'You have received a friend request from @youramericanlover '

  • Someone has to keep the dream alive :)

  • Steamroller

  • New to me this weekend. There is very little information about these online other than they were ridiculously expensive when they came out and a few have cracked. Bars and stem need changing and the Arione needs to get in the bin. Other than that it’s very nice.

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  • Very good. I’ve always appreciated curved seat stays.

  • Tarted up my caad for commuting
    With bonus Chinese fiery death front brake

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  • Looks great, did i see rumours of a fancy pants rebuild with Enve disc fork?

  • I was going to go that way but the Enve turned out to be 1-1/2" so I think I'm just going to build an appropriate steel frame to stick that on. It will hopefully look a lot like your Dart but disc front

  • mmmm added to the forum fave list

  • Too kind. It's a flattering angle. Looks a little less good from the side with the mismatch wheels but the front is a parts bin road wheel, it's the only rim brake one I had spare and it does at least have a nice Tune hub
    Some shallow lightweight wheels with silver spokes are on the horizon for it. If I don't scrap it all in favour of the above mentioned steel home made bike

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  • I also need to work on the sticker game.

  • Camo front rim n'all

  • nice. these are my shifters aren't they ?
    shame i am definitly in between 56 and 54 with caads or this frame could have been cool

  • I'm with @Maj on this, it looks great

  • I got em from MattyC
    I'm really enjoying it. I've had it a year or two now. Built it up brakeless with widebar but never fell in love with it. I like it a lot more in road bike mode.

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  • ah yes i remember tagging you about those, or something. i thought i recognised the hood split from being almost doored once.
    i am heading towards building up an eastway esaki, similar but slightly sized down

  • i am heading towards building up an eastway esaki

    Great, I love those frames

  • I love the paint job on these. Front to back fades are the one!

  • i will also be updating the front end with a disc set-up, though still looking for a front wheel.

  • Very boss move using Ultegra levers just for front brake.

    What's the frame pump?

  • looks even better here,

    first fixie memory is seeing someone riding one of these in manc with a trispoke and widebars, looked sick - would love one one day.

    great build on this one, v hhsb goes audax

  • They're Di2 shifters too which I guess is even more boss? They were cheap though

    The pump is a Silca Impero

  • 10 speed di2 dhifter are really cheap and with a little bit of workk can be reqally light

    My caad10 in his fixed road time before the stratos

  • The saddle looks like death but otherwise I love this bike

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Road fixed / fixed road

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