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  • This one always makes me want to ditch my groupset and fix up my A.l.i.c.e.


    A favorite bookmark for practical road fixed bikes. This link specifically is several pages of fixed gears from PBP a number of years back.

  • I'm toying with the idea of building my fixed gear up as more of a road bike again. I probably need a new wheelset, I'm not sure the very average, very knackered set on there at the minute is worth saving. Is there a go to budget fixed road wheelset for 23-28c tyres?

  • In my experience any cartridge bearing hubset (maybe the ones on your current wheelset?) handbuilt on the rims of choice with good spokes are the best wheels you can get for your money.

    I am currently on velocity rear hub / SP dynamo front hub and Mavic A319/119 rims built with DT competition spokes and brass nipples. Parts from CNC bikes are super cheap and wheels can be built in your frame easily :)

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  • Made my Dolan back into a road bike and took it for some nice Peak District climbing over the weekend. Could lose a chainlink

  • Good work! Or you could get a cog with one more tooth to make climbing in the peaks a bit easier :)

  • So strange you'd pay a compliment to this bike.

    Btw do you see that strap on cage on the DT? makes you think

  • So much troll...

    Also, calling yourself out as a chopper di tutti choppi the bottle is clearly on the seat tube not the down tube.

  • Dolan compliments from dolan owners are the purest form of appreciation ❤️

  • Peak District are perfect for fixed.

    (Since then a new fork been fitted and steerer raise 10mm).

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  • This is lovely. Can't say I agree with you on the Peak District though, regularly gets too steep to be enjoyable up or down

  • Love it. Is 23mm really the max tyre width on Setas?

  • Looks incredible.

    @edscoble Love that Seta, it has rat vibes about it but it’s obviously very nice.

  • Finally got round to putting drops on mine after a year or so of ownership. Much better than the risers although they’ll be kept as a fun alternative.

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  • And a couple of snaps from a recent overnighter.

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  • Amazing. 35's on there?

    Do you find can you do leisurely mixed surface rides on this or is it more of a training/fast short distance bike? I keep thinking about buying something with bigger tyres to do more relaxed rides on with my partner but know it probably won't see much use. My Dart should take a 32c easily on the back and a 30 on the front. Might look into a disc fork for the front which could take a 32 without adding too much stack/slack.

  • Nah, 25mm really, you can try 28mm but that’s fag paper clearance.

    It now got a new fork that comfortably clear 28mm if I want but 25mm is just about enough on the rear if you account for wheel flex while riding.

  • Thanks, always liked Setas. I think a 650b wheelset on one would be great, although not sure how that would work with braking.

  • Yeah, 35’s. I use it for everything to be honest and I probably try and take it on stuff that’s a bit extreme for a bike with a 73.5 degree head and seat tube. I’ve done 150 mile road rides as well as fairly technical mountain bike single track.

    A Dart with a 32 rear and 30 front sounds nice for leisurely stuff especially if you got that disc fork.

  • not sure how that would work with cornering.


  • I always thought 650b x 42 is roughly the same diameter as 700c x 23.

  • Nope, see clearance with 25;

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Road fixed / fixed road

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