Custom jack of all trades, master of none

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  • I will keep track of modifications on my main rig in this thread. That's already a failure as the rig is almost 2 years old ...

    Once upon a time, I had a Pompetamine (still have but not ridden by me anymore) :

    This frame served me well as tourer, workhorse, week end ride ... and had a rohloff, singlespeed and even a derailleur.
    The two pictured iterations reflect a few years of foruming, tweaking and learning and define what I like and what I would like on a custom frame : Rando geo, not too much sloping, mudgards, rack and lights.

    Let's see the custom rig in the next post !

  • I finally ordered the frameset of my dreams by one of the bests makers in the country (Vagabonde cycles): Classic geo, disc, internal routing the lights wire, compatible with mech, rohloff, singlespeed, ...

    After a few months :

    And the first incomplete built next to the old rig :

  • A few trips to test it :

    A sore butt made me change the saddle for a berthoud, the best I ever tried.

  • A few weeks ago :

    And lastly in full winter mod :

  • That's awesome - nice job!

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  • Great to see more pics of that bike, one of my favourites. Been tempted to contact Vagabonde for something similar.

  • Thanks guys !
    Now that I have 60mm GB, I'm contemplating switching to 650b big rubber (at least 50mm) but not sure of the gain.

  • @Thms apologies for the late reply, great to see a thread dedicated to this bike. I was secretly hoping this was an off the peg frame as looks perfectly suited to my needs. If you ever sell!

  • This bike make me smile everytime I ride it !

    I'm still thinking to 650b wheelset but can't really convince myself. The resolute are very good tires !

  • Looks comfy as. What's that padding shit on your frame for?

  • I have an old bike rack on my car which destroy the paint hence the padding.

  • Why not put the padding on the bike rack?

  • I put the padding on both ! Don't worry I left the padding on the bike only for this week. I don't use very much the car rack.

  • Phew, such a lovely bike, even nicer without the padding.

  • Thanks ! I should clean it and update with nicier pics.

  • Not cleaned but a small update.

    I had some racing ralph in 29x2.25 laying around so in a lazy sunday morning I mounted them.

    On a 18mm internal rim they go out at ~53mm with tubes. Max of my clearance !

    Such a cushion ride on the trails ! But feel a bit slow on tarmac.

    I will get rid of the racks to lighten the build, will see how long this setup last. I also need to remount the tires tubeless.


  • That looks amazing!

  • That's a dream frame, I am sure it rides great!

    Where was the picture in front of the green hills taken where he bike has the padding?

  • forum fav bike

  • Very nice build.

  • Thanks guys ! I inflated a little more the ralphs and they roll pretty well. I will need to refrain myself of buying some thunder burt/furious fred !

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Custom jack of all trades, master of none

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