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  • Put a deposit down on a Vigorelli on Friday, should be with me before Xmas. I've selected the following options.

    Reynolds 631 frame+forks with 725 stays (I didn't want 853 as I was worried it would be too unforgiving).
    Flat fork crown, b25 from ceeways to be specific­ES/Cast%20Fork%20Crowns.htm
    Viola metallic paint, one white downtube decal (Bob Jackson), headtube crest, no lug lining, tubing transfers or the made in UK flag.
    2x bottle cage
    2x brakes (I live in Cornwall)
    Mudguard mounts (Once again, I live in Cornwall)

    It's going to be built up with the mainly Dura-Ace and Nitto components. Priced it up at a smidge over £2k. Some of the parts that have good prices next to them have been picked up by me over the last few months when I have seen them for sale cheap on ebay or other places. Some I found from hunting, if you want to know where I made the purchases drop me a PM.

    Dura-ace 7710 Chainset £160
    Dura-ace 7700 BB £78
    Dura-ace 7710 Chainring 45t £71.49
    Dura-ace 7710 Hubs £120
    Dura-ace sprocket 16t £14
    Dura-ace headset £65
    KMC k810sl £28
    CX Ray Spokes + Polyax £160
    Open Pro C CD £80
    Dura ace TT brake lever £100
    7800 Dura ace brake £140
    Nitto Pearl stem (26mm) £60
    Nitto RB018 Bullhorn £40
    Nitto 65 seatpost £40
    Challenge strada road 25mm £64
    Supersonic innertube £17
    Fizik performance bar tape £10.49
    San Marco rolls ti £100
    Bob Jackson Vigorelli £725

    I'll update this as parts start arriving.

  • Impressive spec. Looking forward to seeing some pics.

  • A few changes to my build. Realised the Nitto bars would need to be drilled for dura ace levers. I changed them to Compass parallel bars and some NOS dura ace 7402 brakes and levers. Due to the cost of these two items I've gone with DTSwiss 2-1.8-2mm spokes to save a bit of cash. The CX rays where £160, the DB are £35. Items in Bold are changed.

    Dura-ace 7710 Chainset £243
    Dura-ace 7710 BB £78
    Dura-ace 7710 Chainring £71.49
    Dura-ace 7710 Hubs £120
    Dura-ace headset £65
    KMC k810sl £28
    DT Swiss comp £45
    Open Pro C CD 36h £80
    Shimano 7402 brakes £180
    Nitto NP stem £50
    Compass parallel bars £115
    Nitto 83 seatpost £60
    Challenge Open Roubaix £40
    Swissstop pads £16
    Schwalbe Extralight £17.85
    Fizik performance bar tape £10.49
    San Marco Concor Racing saddle £50
    Bob Jackson Vigorelli £725

    Everything is ordered now. The frame should be with me in around 4 weeks so plenty of time to get round to building the wheels.

  • Compass parallel bars £115 why not e.g. Nitto Noodle? three times cheaper, but equally nice.

  • Never got on with the noodles, I've got on with these in the past.

    Edit: I've tried to update my name to the one I used to have before the forum change but when I save, nothing changes. Any ideas?

  • And the nitto seatpost "upgrade" is due to Planet X stock levels. It's a prettier seatpost but it's £20 more and a tad heavier.

  • Interesting build list, not a million miles from my Argos in it's first incarnation.

    Are the DA brakes for a period look and feel? Having used these in the past compared to my S500/Ultegra 6800/Swissstop combo they're pretty weak. If you want DA, 9000 calipers might look the part and could probably be sourced on here for half the cost of the 7402. Also worth thinking about is the lever bar combo which luckily is shown in detail below. Transition from the bars and to the hoods isn't the nicest looking (especially if you like a flat top) and you may struggle to reach the levers from the drops in that position.­ents/handlebars/maes-parallel-254-handle­bars/

    NP stems are lovely but in case you didn't know use different dimensions to Cinelli et al (my Pearl 90 is 100mm).

    If this is for road use i'd question the amount of track stuff spec'd. As you can see from my build i did something similar but over time i switched to lighter more road focused gear as for me it was nicer to ride on and less maintenance.

    Last thing and it's largely aesthetic but depending on frame size 45x16t may look a little small. I know DA maxes at 17t but EAI cogs are great for the road IMO and go bigger allowing a more showy offy front ring (49X18 is my pref).

    Oh and 28c's if the roads are crap and the calipers will take them.

    Note pic shows with road wheel that i switched to DA7600/TB14 to complete the build and almost instantly regretted it!

  • Mudguards + Dura Ace hubs is an interesting combo. Weather proofing your bike and fitting the least weatherproof hubs available.

  • Yeah exactly this, DA hubs were a proper faff to keep clean even with the grime seals, they also made for a pretty heavy set of wheels.

  • I've never had a "nice" fixed gear bike. Let me address points raised some with ignorance, some with personal experience.

    First is regarding the brake levers/bars. I have used this bar with similar brake lever many times on "audax" bikes. I normally go with the r400 but have also used the non aero 105 version. I like it.

    Brake calipers came with the levers. I'm tempted to sell them and buy some 7800. Look nice and work well. I'm not decided.

    The chainset/bottom bracket/headset is all things I've used before but the road ultegra version (6600 IIRC). I've picked the 7700 bottom bracket rather than the 7710. If this doesn't work well I'll just grab the heavier 105. I've used the 105 equivalent headset on a Moulton, can't get replacement bearings anymore but I wanted it to match.

    Hubs, I didn't know this would of been a problem. If it's a problem down the line I'll just have to buy new hubs and replace. Most of my riding will be done in the dry as I no longer commute. The mudguards are for when I get caught out audaxing. What sealing can be added, I thought road seals worked. I've had a lot of experience with ultegra/XT hubs in the past so know how to rebuild.

    Stem, didn't know it would come up as a 100mm. I was struggling to decide between the 80-90mm. Balls! Just sent them an email asking if they can swap it out, if not I'll buy the 80mm and send the 90mm back. Thank you.

    Regarding the chainring size, I know it would look a bit small but I wanted it all matching and that's a good enough excuse for me.

  • If you haven’t built the wheels yet (or ordered spokes) flog the hubs and get some with sealed bearings. Phil/Paul/WI/Suzue or even formula/novatech.

    DA track hubs are great in dry conditions, but not sealed at all. I got caught out and rode 70 miles in the rain on mine, had to service the hubs afterwards, they were full of grit and shit.

    You can add some aftermarket seals but from what I understand they don’t make that much difference, they’re just not the right choice for a bike that will be ridden in the wet.

  • Already bought my spokes. This isn't being built as a do it all rough and ready commuter. If they implode on me in a year or two I'll build up something better for my conditions. Saying this does anyone know the part number for seals that will fit the 7710 hubs?

  • Cut your losses.

  • Got hold of Planet X before they dispatched my order. They've swapped the 90mm for an 80mm. Thanks @jono84

  • Swapped out the brake calipers for some Dura ace 7800. Should be easier to set up and be more powerful.

    Picked up two nitto 80 bottle cages, also grabbed some black nitto bar ends at the same time. This is my first "no cost matters" kind of build. I know some people would do it differently but form is nearly as important as function with this one.

    Expecting a handful of parts today, some turned up yesterday. I'll post pictures as they arrive. Going to have to wait a while for the rims/spokes from starbikes as the rims are on back order for a week. Doesn't matter too much as the frame won't be ready for another 3 weeks.

  • Handlebars have turned up dented, just requested a return with velovitality. Hopefully it will be a quick and easy return/replacement.

  • I've been considering a very similar build! Looking forward to seeing the results - keep us posted.

  • I now have everything apart from the frame. The handlebars have been swapped out by Velovitality in quick time. I built the rear wheel last night and will do the front when I get time over the next few days. Hopefully I will have the frame in a couple of weeks.

  • Got an email from BJ today, the frame will be with me on Monday as long as the courier doesn't turn up in the one hour between 3-4pm when no one is in... Not bad as it would've only taken 24 days from placing my order to delivery.

    I'll get my act together and update this thread with pictures of parts over the weekend as I get all the bits in order.

  • Looking forward to seeing the photos. How have BJ been to deal with - have you done it all over the phone?

  • They've been fine.

    I emailed them with some questions around the 2nd and had no reply, still haven't.

    Rang them up on the 9th enquiring if the could do the frame with a fork crown I wanted instead of the standard and a few other things. I was told they could so went online and placed my order.

    Later that day I got a phone call from Donald asking a few questions on my spec/colour choice. I got cold feet on the colour at the last second so asked if a note could be put on my job card until I decided. A few days later I rang them up to confirm what I wanted. Was told that the wait is 4-5 weeks but they aren't that busy at the moment.

    3 Weeks later (yesterday) I got an email around midday saying it will be shipped the following day (today) and would be with me on Monday. I asked if I could have a picture but was told it was packed already. I then asked if I could pay extra to get it delivered on Saturday and was told they don't have that option with the contract with the courier.

    Hopefully it will all turn out fine. The main thing I'm worried about is that I requested the fork steerer to be cut to length to fit a dura ace 7410 headset. I told them the stack height and the headset model, I guess they know what they're doing so I shouldn't worry.

  • Was doing the last few things with my parts ready for the frame tomorrow and heard a knock at the door. Parcelforce for some reason decided they're delivering on a Sunday today, guess it's because it's close to christmas. Anyway, I've now got the frame.

    The colour is lighter than I thought it would be but it's good enough. The fork wasn't cut to the right length, around 1-2mm out I would say. This means that I can build it up but can't ride it until I get the spacer and pop it in. Balls.

  • Sweet! Looking forward to seeing some pics!

    Better the steerer slightly too long than too short though, right?

  • I'll take some more pictures in a few days when the weather cheers up. Still needs a 4mm spacer instead of the 2mm in the headset and I'm waiting on the mudguards to turn up. A few changes from the build list above. Ended up going with some Vittoria Corsa g+ instead of the challenge Paris-Roubaix as they came up 29mm not 27 and I won't clear the brake with mudguards.

    Photo is just from my phone, I'll crack out my wifes DSLR in a few days.

  • All sounds good. Enjoy the Bob

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