Bikepacking- anyone interested

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  • Plugged this in to komoot and it's rustled up a route. I've no idea if it's a good route.­557?code=1jy7sj-S67TnF-KyteMkYQaN85-L4Th­mhpuzDvwj6jA3nZQdF4

    Gives an idea of terrain though. Looks like an incredible spot.

  • Looks roughly like the direct one I knocked up a while back.

  • positive for spring, I wasn’t really expecting people to turn out now!

    I’m in Marple so that’s a good jumping off point- station or parking is easy. Lots of gravel type easy ish surface riding from here towards glossop, Hayfield, or Macclesfield areas.

    I’d fancy a weeknight quick trip, and maybe a weekend longer ride at some point.

    Anyone have a route they’ve been itching to do?
    My favourite would probably be Marple to new mills by gravel road and canal, then sett valley trail to hayfield, quick pub and back on sett valley turning up Chinley churn to camp at top above peep o’day farm and the old quarry, see a sunrise then all downhill in morning with option to do a ride into peaks for energetic folk, train home from new mills

    I walked past you in the morning! Didn't realise it was someone on here.

  • That’s me posting that not @snottyotter
    Where did you walk past and how the hell did you know it was me?!

  • Oh right, sorry. I didn't know it was you until I saw this post - my mum lives up that way so I'm regularly walking around up there, and that was the first time I'd seen bikers/campers!

  • I'm slightly less confused now.

  • I haven’t been bikepacking recently though? Are we thinking of the same place? You see loads of bikers in Marple!

  • Took my new bike out round holmfirth/holme moss on Saturday and found some amazing spots for wild camping round there. amazing waterfalls and forests. quite a few dog walkers but should be easy enough to disappear in to the woods.

  • Off-road? Got a route? I have no idea where to point my surly


    Some pretty rough bits but nice pies in the Fleece. Bit of walking near holme village.


  • Nice woods round there. I rode through on a recent tour. Were the fly agaric still out?

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  • I saw no shrooms, just mud and sludge. It was great.

    Thinking of going hammocking there in early Jan.

  • Looks great round there
    Me and brother in law planning to ride Marple to Sheffield in spring- maybe as a big day, maybe 2 short days. Finish at nonnas for a feed, then station tap pub for a beer and train home.
    Anyone got a route headed that way?

  • What sort of terrain would you like?

  • Cross bike able- road, back road, mild off road

  • I’m not familiar with the Marple side, but I’d guess you’ll be coming over the Pennines somewhere near Mam Nick?
    From there, you could do Chapel Gate > Edale > Jagger’s Clough > Hope Cross. Then, either down through the woods to Ladybower, or along Hope Brink before dropping down to Aston, Thornhill. Both routes can meet up at the Yorkshire Bridge Inn. Up New Road to Dennis Knoll > Long Causeway up Stanage > Redmires > Fulwood Lane > Porter Clough > then follow the parks to Hunters Bar.
    Alternative southerly route could be Mam Nick > Broken Road > Castleton > behind the cement works to Bradwell > Brough > Shatton. From here, either head up through Bamford to meet the northern route, or you could head further south towards Calver, then up to Curbar Gap, join the Eastern Moors Loop along Frogatt Edge and head towards Sheffield that way. Depends a bit on how long a route you want to make it.

    Chapel Gate, Jagger’s Clough and some of the Win Hill tracks are a bit rough, but I've happily ridden them all on my drop bar bike with 42c WTB Resolutes.

  • That’s about what I was thinking yeh. There’s good tracks from the end of my road through brabyns wood, down some dirt roads to strines station, then back road through brook bottom to new mills. Sett valley trail to hayfield, pennine bridleway or back roads towards mam Nick so 95% traffic free without being too indirect.

    Sounds like a top day out, might not even need to bivi as direct train back from Sheffield to Marple

  • That looks a bit hardcore for me and maybe some others who were interested. I will arrange an overnight for those with less time- maybe 20 miles or so each way

  • I'd planned a slightly easier route initially, but the feedback was MOAR MTB!!! So I've routed them down The Beast and Potato Alley, while leaving myself with easier alternatives. ;-)

  • I'd still be keen to meet up with you lot somewhere in the middle if you're planning summat shorter.

  • I’ve scouted a start of a fab route this morning. All possible with push chair so cross bike fine, mtb would allow some cheeky extra trails. Maybe 3 hrs max each day so home within 24 hrs.
    Anyone fancy a quick overnighter then for the less skilled/ time rich?

    Maybe early June?

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  • This sounds cool to me - what's the route?

  • Start from Marple station.
    Through brabyns, sneaky trails in woods, out to etherow lakes, up ernocroft woods, sneaky trails again, bit of road up towards rowarth (pub option) onto cown edge then lantern pike- bivi up there- sunrise views over kinder
    Day 2- continue on pennine be up Chinley churn on dirt road, through Chinley (coffee stop if needed) back up bridleway over Chinley churn, drop into hayfield, sett valley trail to new mills, easy bridleways round Mellor cross, back up roman lakes road to Marple station.

    Never more than 10 miles from Marple as crow flies so any mechanicals etc shouldn’t be a disaster!

    I’ve done all this on cross bike- some slow careful bits- but plenty of blasting on easy stuff too so ideal with a load or after a pint!

    I’ll check dates with the boss tonight.

  • I've got Wednesday (20th) off work to go riding. Doing a loop out from Sheffield via Hathersage, Shatton Moor, bit of Ladybower. Pub somewhere for tea, then bivvy Longshaw way. Early start on Thursday to be back in time to help with the school run. Let me know if you fancy joining me for any or all of it.

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Bikepacking- anyone interested

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