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  • I thought of creating a thread where to drop outstanding content, to motivate ourselves to fight our daily routine and keep planning and going on epic adventures.
    Be it a very long trip, a challenge in a remote area, a ride in incredible scenery or simply that time you crossed that fine line between stupidity and adventure.
    Even just dreaming about them, the logistics, the scenery expectation, the challenge, the thrill of ditching your comfort zone, are all facts that make us happier and give our brains that kick that awakes us from the warm comfortable numbness brought by daily routine.

    Leave all the jibber jabber to the Generic Touring thread and come here to inspire or be inspired!

  • I will also provide the first entry with this video


    Anyone that has been to those mountains knows you won't forget them easily, I just need to go back with a bike next time. Yes it is remote and will require probably one year of your life to make it properly, but it is simply insane.

  • Nice. Think there was a touring/bike packing inspirational blogs/vids thread somewhere?

    Anyway, am in Patagonia at the moment and keep seeing people on tours or bike packing. Full of envy/inspiration.

    Iohann the bike wanderer’s vids are pretty cool, especially the first year through North and Central America: https://youtu.be/Z0wAPztOO2U

  • I know what you mean, I was in Patagonia at the beginning of the year, plenty of inspiration down there.

    The best one came from this two Chilean friends that rode the whole Carettera Austral, including a sick single trail from Torres del Paine to Perito Moreno

  • Fuuucckkk!!!!

  • Yeah, they had massive issues with the police/border papers, as you're not supposed to cross there, even if you're from Chile or Argentina.

  • One thing that made a big difference for us (me and my girlfriend) was this: http://cycletouringfestival.co.uk

    We attended the first one, without any real plan of going touring. She didn't even have a bike. We were so inspired by listening to people's stories, and more than anything in seeing how normal everyone is. It was amazing (this was 2015)

    That, and @6pt tandem thread are the two main inspirations that led us to being in Hanoi today with a tandem resting behind the sofa of our rented apartment. I never even considered tandems before seeing pictures of his bike all loaded up.

  • Hi there. What’s your plan for Vietnam? How long are you going to stay? ;) Me and my girlfriend started from Hanoi 11 days ago, right now we’re in the middle of the “Extreme North Loop” in the town of Dong Van. The weather today was shit but the views are great!

  • Ohh hell, I’ll try to inspire someone as well.

    Vietnam has many faces and on this picture you can see one of them. That’s how (some) people live here:

  • I heard the mountains in the north are simply incredible, a friend spent two months there just riding every single road (with a motorbike though)

    How are you guys coping with the heat?

  • @Pawlus now that I think about it, he highly recommend the road between Na Nuong and Dong Van, not sure you're still around there..

  • a tandem resting behind the sofa of our rented apartment.

    waits unpatiently for the next 'Asia to London, on a tandem' thread update :)

  • Sorry, you're right!
    Just did it

  • I wasn’t very impressed by this region at first, but today we’ve been through Ma Pi Leng pass - the main attraction and man... it was breathtaking!

    Regarding heat - I don’t know why, but I’m quiet resilient to it, I suffer less than most. Obviously for the past 4 days we’ve been in the mountains on the altitude around and over 1000 m over the sea level. Yesterday the temperature during the day didn’t exceed over 15 degrees Celsius, it was 8 degrees in the morning!

  • That's exactly how I imagined it! Epic!

  • Probs reviving a very dead thread here, but if anyone is interested I’m in the process of preparing for a very epic round the world tour. More here: https://passhunting.com/stories/Round-th­e-world-intro

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Epic Touring

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