Transpyrenees 2019

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  • That was for a people carrier - not the cheapest solution but the most flexible and convenient in terms of being able to leave when ready. Happy to go halves on the cost if timings workout.

  • Ryanair doesn't exist in my world. I didn't notice a train to Bia but I was looking at Bilbao mostly I think.

    I've just looked again and there's flights from San Seb to LHR on Iberia. Maybe I'd dismissed these because they have a stopover in Madrid. Maybe I should book this and if I'm late for it, book another?

  • Shit goes wrong. I messed up my TABR flights. I'd very much err on the side of having spare time than booking too early and then having to bail because you're not gonna make it. Depends how flexy your dates are.

  • Might be an option. I prefer to use public transport generally though but if it turns out I rock up and you've already booked, etc then it could work out cheaper for both/all of us.

  • There’s always the ferry from Bilbao- 24 hrs to chill and eat and watch wales

  • I'm racing a lot so taking a lot of time off. So for less important races (like this) I'm trying to minimise travel time.

  • The buses are limited to 3 bikes not limit room for them If you have it in a cardboard box or a plastic bag it's enough (but normally they charge for 10€ for the bike).
    If not you have the train, it's free for the bike and has cheaper tickets (4€ instead of 10-15€) but takes 2h45min.

    The buses takes around 1h 1h15min

  • I booked a cheap(ish) flight from San Seb on Sat morning. It goes via Madrid on and then a BA flight from Madrid to London. The only issue I can see is that Air Nostrum will probably want to charge me an extra 45EU for the bike box but I will need to contact Iberia, who seem to own/manage them, to find out.

    Oh, I'll need to find a bike box too (or potentially buy one at the airport).

    @CarlosBI do you know any bike shops in San Seb that might hang onto some boxes for riders, nearer to the race?

  • Let me see, I'll need to find more than one box, hehehe
    but I could handle it...

  • Nah, you only need one, my one, hehe :D

    Cheers @CarlosBI

  • ...if you find two can you put my name on one!

  • Definitely try this shop. I rented a bike there last year during a TCR training weekend and the guy seemed very interested:­stian/

  • Cheers, I'd already starred them in Google. Will prioritise them.

  • Love is in the air!
    Promo for today

    Transibérica 2019 and Transpyrenees 2019 discount for pairs and solo (because your true love is your bike)

    Registration is still open.
    Come with us!

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  • The special offer is just for today...

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  • Struggling to book a bike on the flight back. It was all booked through BA but Air Nostrum does the San Sebastien to Madrid part and is supposed to be part of Iberia but the number they've given me doesn't seem to be in English­0786479977107459

    Any ideas?

  • I booked a BA flight out of Bilbao on the Thursday night (21.10 departure). I am assuming / hope that the normal sports equipment allowance means it's hassle free.

    I haven't bought a bike bag yet but also hoping that one packs down small enough to take advantage of the bag drop service that is being provided.

  • Check who BA is using. It's quite a steaming pile of bullcrap the way one airlines sells you the ticket/journey but fob you off to deal with secondary airline's rules about baggage and such.
    If they are using Iberica or Air Nostrum, you may have different baggage allowances compared to any BA leg(s). I've been fucked over a couple of times partner airlines differing baggage rules.

    Wait, are you talking about TransPyr or TransIb? Why are you flying out of Bilbao?

  • TPyr.

    Why Bilbao - it's 100 km up the road but it has more regular, direct flights back to the UK. Checked my ticket and it looks like a BA flight or it certainly has a BA flight number and as such has BA baggage allowances even if it's a code share.

    There are regular coaches (every 1.5 hours or so) from San Seb and takes two hours or its €160 in taxi if its down to the wire and i just have to swallow the cost but the €7 coach is hopefully doable.

  • Have your previous bad experiences with the code-share partner been with BA? BA website -

    If every flight in your journey has a BA code (e.g. BA1234) you will get British Airways’ checked baggage allowance, even if some or all of the flights are operated by other airlines (so-called 'codeshare' flights).

    If every flight in your journey has another airline’s code, you will get that airline’s baggage allowance.

    If your journey includes a mix of BA and other airline codes (e.g. AA1122 or IB3210) you will get the allowance of the most significant carrier – usually the airline operating the longest part of the journey.

  • Where are you flying in to?

  • I can't remember the specifics but at least one was coming back from the US with a bike box. I think it should be like retail stores - if a shop sells you something, they are responsible for it and you deal with them and their rules, they don't fob you off to the manufacturer for details. I bought a BA flight from A to B with their conditions, I shouldn't have to worry about 3rd parties.

  • San Seb to Madrid to London

  • Sorry, I meant at the start - London in to?

  • Barcelona I think

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Transpyrenees 2019

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