Building a track bike

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  • I’m thinking of building my own track bike, for riding on tracks, not a fixie for the road. Apart from the frame, I have pretty much everything I need already in the shed but I have a couple of questions about the build that some of you regular track riders might know;

    1. Any suggestions for suitable clincher tyres for the track?
    2. Handlebar width - on the road, I ride 42cm bars - for the track, should I stick with this or go narrower/wider?
  • '1. What surface?

    If wooden best avoid Michellin (although we have been sent some new to test so watch this space) and any fancy coloured tyres.

    If tarmac outdoor any decent road clincher should be ok.

    Chat to folks at the track you'll be riding most, they'll have experience of what works and not at that venue.

    '2. 42 will be fine for starters but if you catch upgraditis easily you could be looking for 35cm Scatto before you know it ;)

  • Thanks for that, my nearest track is Glasgow, so I guess that’s where I’ll be riding mostly.

    Whilst not exactly a beginner, I rode outdoor tracks in and around London in the 70’s, I’ve recently retired and decided to get back into it and am doing the accreditation course using the track’s own bikes. Eventually, I’ll have to get my own bike.

  • Glasgow

    Think @M_V works there. Might be able to advise on what tyres are popular/recommended?

  • That’s handy, I back there next week.

  • My recommendation would be Vittorias, either Zaffiro Slick if you’re on a budget (these are what are on all the hire bikes) or Diamanté Pista (actually, I think these have been superceded by a Graphene tyre now?) if you want something a bit nicer/that can take higher pressure etc.

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Building a track bike

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