Converting my Wilier Triestina 2011 to SS - Help??

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  • I bought this bike in 2013 from a guy in Bury after I sold my single speed bike.­bikes/road/product/review-wilier-bikes-i­zoard-centaur-10-37739/
    I took it in for a service recently and they're trying to charge me £700+ for new chainset, wheels, hedset bearings... the whole lot but at this point I might as well try to convert it because It won't put me out of pocket.
    Anyone have any ideas on where I should start or should I just sell it in parts and buy a SS bike?
    I'd quite like the challenge to be fair and am fairly hands on when it comes to stuff like this.
    It's all Campy, I don't know if this will make things more difficult..?

  • Too expensive and awkward to fix up at present and don't want it rotting away anymore than I've already let it

  • Sounds like you’d need most of these parts to run it ss anyway

  • Wheels I can get cheap.
    I'm planning on using it to go to the shops and on the rollers so it doesn't need to be the cleanest thing going.
    My only concern is the BB and rings really.
    Not sure where to start...

  • You’re fairly hands on but you believe the shop when they tell you it’ll cost £700 to service?
    I bet you can have it running smooth for less than a hundred

  • The guy said he wouldn't let it leave the shop unless it was up to his standard which meant no work at all or everything stripped down and changed, maybe I'm being swindled but I'd just rather do it on my own now to be fair. Been burned too many times by independent bike shops near where I am...

  • wouldn't let it leave the shop unless it was up to his standard

    It’s not an MOT, that’s not his choice. Take it home and do it yourself 👍🏻

  • My thoughts exactly!
    He's still gonna charge me some labour time as he said he took some time to look it over which I hope isn't anything more than £10-20.
    Does anyone know any good sites for converting/converters or useful YouTube channels which I can binge on before I strip my bike of all its components?

  • What shop is this?

  • Sheldon should be on your list for conversion info.

  • I wouldn't wanna say, I'll tell you they're in the North West of Yorkshire. They were very helpful initially and have a good reputation in my town but I don't know if this Bike Tech just needs the sales or if he thinks I'm loaded.
    As an FYI, not loaded...

  • I've just visited and can safely say there is more info on here than I ever imagined.
    I'll do some shop visits and googling for specifics I guess.

  • Velo solo has been helpful in the past for some of the bits you'll need too.

    I say go for it, reuse reduce recycle and all that. Good luck!

  • please dont turn that nice bike into a ss ....

  • If you wanna take it on as a project make me an offer, happy to consider it
    My wife would love the idea of me not being tied to the shed most evenings too!
    At present I just don't have the funds that the bike shop was asking for in order to get it to their standard.

  • Charging labour for no work? Nope. If they told you previously they charge for quotes that’s fair, otherwise go get your bike. If you had just the frame/fork/bars/stem/shifters/brakes you could rebuild for under £400.

  • I went to the shop to pick up my bike and they charged me £20, they said this was for the engineers time as he had to research parts.
    I am far too polite to dispute this so I payed and went on my way.
    Looks like I can turn this into a SS roller machine for just over £88 using velo solo parts on my back wheel.

  • This is now all 'finished' as a single speed in the sense that it rides somewhat normally.

    The tensioner (bought from velosolo along with the conversion kit) on the chain moves if I hit a bump, so much so that the chain either goes really slack or starts to rub against the bit that keeps the chain from flying off. I've tightened it up but it still does it every few hundred metres. Maybe a dodgy tensioner? Should I just get rid entirely and shorten the chain more?

    Need to remove the gear cables and buy some bullhorns or use my spare handlebars and get some normal brakes as I have the bullhorn brakes and some more tape ready.

    Any ideas how I go about making this completely fixed? Can I purchase a track wheel that would work with the spacing on my road bike or can I make my freehub fixed somehow?

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Converting my Wilier Triestina 2011 to SS - Help??

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