Fixed Gear Off Road Shredder

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  • That looks lovely!!

  • would shredz

  • Ooof, that already looks like so much fun!

  • The colour is lovely. Already jealous of this

  • Looking great so far.

    Just looked up the info on Dirty Reiver and it sounds like a lot of fun. I've been enjoying riding my fixed steamroller more than any other bike lately and i know that i can get 35c's on there. Not sure i could manage the 200 though...

    Did you sign up for this year?

  • Thanks all!

    @jono84 The two other people I rode DR with last year rode it on Steamrollers with 35c’s.

    Signed up for this year and looking forward to it!

  • I’m picking it up tomorrow but here’s a workshop photo for now.

    Needs either a 140 rotor an an adapter to run the 160 I supplied.

    Can’t wait to give it a pedal!

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  • -5 pts for lock on grips but otherwise fantastic, maybe you should look at those canyon flexy seatposts

  • plus, this is my size in case you don't want it anymore ;)

  • Satisfyingly simple. Can't wait to see more.

  • what's the beef with lock on grips?

  • I was wondering that too. I quite like the fact they don't randomly spin round the bars in the rain...

  • I'm guessing because properly installed ESI grips or similar feels so much better - and looks better too.

    Bike looks awesome!

  • wow so nice, im just about to do something really similar but with paul cantis

    who did the paint? looks awesome

  • Bang on but yeah, ESI's...

    Interested to know how much more stopping power you think the disc gives you over a decent rim brake. I suppose it's more about stopping in the rain/mud that counts on this build.

  • See @larsenroad comments. They're just inelegant on such a clean build

  • But Brooks only do lock-on grips and the grips have to match the saddle!

    First impressions are great after an eight mile spin on the way home with it. Handling is nice and the position is good; I’m surprisingly upright on it, which is fantastic considering the riding it’ll be doing. Kinda reminds me of my old Gangsta in the way you just want to hop off every kerb for fun.

    Will do a few bigger rides over the next couple of days, get the fit bang on and then get the steerer and hose trimmed. Then I’ll get some nice photos.

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  • Also got some Gravelking SK tyres to try, too.

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  • But Brooks only do lock-on grips and the grips have to match the saddle!

    Fake news - Ergon do

    Bike is still amazing, what's the RAL colour?

  • But Brooks only do lock-on grips and the grips have to match the saddle!

    Just use bar tape then.

  • RAL 2025 maybe - it’s called gentian blue.

  • 85 miles planned for tomorrow including a cheeky bit of Glentress. Can’t wait!

  • Thanks, looking forward to photos

  • Looks bloody cool!

  • First ride was great. Found some new trails leading into the back of Glentress and, when it wasn’t snowing, we had sun and it was actually quite nice.

    I kept my gearing to 46x18 because @mostly_by_bike was riding similar, and I think we pushed two or three sections which isn’t bad.

    The bike is spot on; the fit is great and it feels incredible to ride. Weirdly, I felt more confident on it on the singletrack sections that I do on my Surly Ogre.

    I’ll probably ride this exclusively until the Dirty Reiver.

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Fixed Gear Off Road Shredder

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