do people meet up go for social rides?

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  • I don't have facebook and i'm out of the loop and don't ride a skidder anymore, but just curious if it actually happens anymore or just in "the good old days"....

  • Yes

  • Full moon rides happen every now and then, ish. But Forever Pedalling have two regular rides, Tues am and sat am

  • Nice one.
    The forever pedalling lot look pretty serious, are they or is it fairly relaxed?

    Full moon rides? Im guessing I have to be on facebook to find out about them?

  • The club associated with Forever Pedalling is called Das Rad Klub, they have a website with all the info you should need:

    I've been riding with them for a few months and it is super relaxed, would recommend it. We meet Tuesday morning at 7am in the centre of Queen Square and at 9am on a Saturday outside Forever Pedalling. Always ending at Full Court Press for coffee. Feel free to turn up at either unannounced, they are always welcoming of new faces.

  • Relaxed, but it can be a bit smashy at times.

  • You could just like join the LFGSS forum and post in the events and hope people turn up*.

    *I've never done this, can't tell if it works or not.

  • That's kind of why I was asking., just to get a sense of what goes on.

    Years ago when I rode more and knew everyone else that rode, that's what happened.

    There are a couple of rides that I had worked out but never actually got the chance to go with others, and recently was thinking about it again. Wondered if I posted it here if it would work or if there was some other way of doing it..

  • Depends on how good a rider you are. I find that the FP crew can be a bit fast for me at times.

    Some rides are super chill, some are a little more intense or smashy.

    Always a good atmosphere though, and you'll get to know some of the local routes

  • Yea they all look a bit serious for my liking. Doesn't mean I'll never go, but from the look of the pictures I'll be the only one not on a £2k+ bike and having no lycra showing. I just think that my idea of a social ride is different from what the pictures show. It's all good, each to their own. I'll see what happens when I'm feeling better.

  • And what does smashy mean exactly?

  • Our club social rides are just longer at a pace where people can talk. Everyone is on road bikes wearing cycling kit.

    It sounds more like you are after the “forum rides” of old. No visible Lycra, sweet fixehs, cut off denim shorts and curryer bags. You will need a Pace frame with flux capacitor to attend such events.

  • Hehe...I think maybe I am... Or at least I think I was imagining an updated version , slightly different to whats arrived..

    I think I was hoping for more along the lines of wear whatever, ride whatever, lets have a chill exploring ride and chat.

    I don't own a road bike or full cycling kit right now, so until I do, I'll be in the want ad's trolling for a flux capacitor...

  • sweet fixehs

    A rare beast these days...

  • I'd be up for joining some low-key, lycra-free rides.

  • I like the idea of a smashy ride.

  • Where are you these days?

  • Bristol. Are you in this neck of the woods too?

  • Gloucester, well 8 miles north of Gloucester, a tiny village called Upleadon.

  • Sounds idyllic. Hope our paths cross on a Cotswold ride some time.

  • I’d probably join an FP ride if I wasn’t so completely out of shape.
    Mat, is there an 11spd minimum or can people turn up on the kind of jalope that we like to ride :-)

  • jeez, looks like i should do a full moon again....

    but they allow anything on an fp ride.

  • full of smashers, lots of fast riders who dont know how to ride to the pace of the group and keep pushing it until you start to lose people.

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do people meet up go for social rides?

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