Transcontinental Race No. 7 - TCR7 - #TCRN07 - 2019

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  • You SHOULD be able to open the GPX file on the Wahoo App (you need the phone to have network connection though) but not komoot I don't think.

    I say should as although I used to be able to do it my phone doesn't seem to allow me to do it anymore but I don't know if that's an issue with my phone or they've somehow screwed the app up.

  • Conti GP Urban

    Never heard of them­tal-gp-urban-tire/

    35mm is probably too big for my frame though.

  • FYI, to make the Open Cycle Maps more visible in OSMAND you need to put this XML file in the rendering folder.­android/osmand

    What does this do?

    I only ever use OSMAnd for a backup navigation app or sometimes to find a hotel or something.

  • Let's say you want to use a dedicated cycle path because because of whatever. These cycle paths are included in the OSM maps, but are not easily visible in OSMAND by default. So the XML file changes the rendering of these paths so they are more apparent. At least in the day mode. In night mode they are tough to decipher.

    To know what cycle paths I'm on about, turn on the Cycle Map layer in this link. Have a look at the Map Key to see what each line color is about.
    Or have a look here

    Europe is riddled with awesome cycle paths. Often you can just go full gas on these paths without needing to worry about traffic. Instead of cars and bad roads you get lots of retired folks on ebikes, dog walkers, joggers, and friends and family groups who must walk side by side using up the entire path. And all of whom are deaf BTW, including the dog.

  • When conti says 35 it means 35 total outside dimension. They include all rubber. So if you can fit 32 with some room, maybe the 35 will fit. The Contact Travel 37mm are the same as many of the 33mm cyclocross tires out there.

  • Tbh I'd consider running 38-40. You wont loose anything aerodynamically and perhaps gain a lot in the gravel. Also comfort!

  • you have any particular models in mind?
    suitable road going options under 500 grams are quite limited.

  • No. Just a thought.

    And weight isn't the be all is it...

  • Europe is riddled with awesome cycle paths. Often you can just go full gas on these paths without needing to worry about traffic. Instead of cars and bad roads you get lots of retired folks on ebikes, dog walkers, joggers, and friends and family groups who must walk side by side using up the entire path. And all of whom are deaf BTW.

    Well. *obligatory remark warning* All of those people you mention there are traffic (as are you). Don't allow users of motor vehicles to claim they're the only traffic that is. Needless to say, often you're only a guest on paths like this if you're on a bike, and shouldn't presume that they have any duty to make way for you. I'm not entirely sure if you're being ironic there.

    Also, when going 'full gas' on paths like the ones I assume you mean, whose quality is at best variable and at worst sometimes quite hazardous, varying between any kind of tarmac quality (very good to abysmal), gravel of all kinds, churned-up mud, and the like, always be aware that bad surfaces are a major cause of crashes and catch people being inattentive all the time. The outcome of such crashes can be very bad, as people can crash very awkwardly when they've let their guard down.

    As a general rule, obviously, you can't go as fast on a sidepath or other off-road path as you could on a well-built road.

  • The thing I disliked most about the Biancas was the on road grip, or lack there of. The are covered in little ribs. After some pretty hairy braking experiences where it loses grip in a very on off way, I called them, "ribbed for my displeasure".

    Weird to hear that. I've been on the 36mm TL version for six months, on long rides, in snow/rain, on gravel.. no issues at all. Love them.

  • Never had an issue with grip with the Challenge Strada Bianca Pro myself. I just ruined the sidewalls on my pair in a single ride which was not ideal. That said, not totally sad to see the back of them as they're a bastard to fit.

    Might be down to tyre pressure I suppose but other than obviously dodgy surfaces where you'd need knobblies to get much grip, I've been totally happy.

  • I've had 32mm Hyper on there and they're ok but there's not a great deal more room. It will depend on how the tyre casing inflates. I've got some 35mm Hypers I could test fit. Actually, perhaps they would be ok for TCR?

  • If the Kinesis wasn't hit by a car I'd have the capacity for that width but the Mason is 33mm max I think.

  • Anyone actually know what this gravel is like? I mean is it Strada Bianchi compressed crusher dust or is it little bastard baby head stuff you'd prefer a mountain bike on?

  • I've edited my previous text to be more clear :)

    Thanks for your critique, everyone has a different experience and perspective innit?
    I find cyclists are much more open and aware in sharing the road.

    The OSM maps can help in learning road surface and condition. OSM maps carry an incredible level of detail but are not perfect, yet. Anyone can make an account at and inform if a road surface was not as indicated. It is a great community helping folks like us who need this type of data. On the phone one can use OSMAND and Orux to view the OSM data.

  • Are the Hypers still sold somewhere? I'm riding a pair of 35's now, but haven't seen them in shops anymore. The foldable version with many tpi.

    Oh, just checked, planet x has them in stock again, but only brown. Why is a tyre even made in brown.

  • Interesting,
    I also have the 36.
    I was wondering if my set had expired or something like that. Like it was sitting on the shelf for so long that the compound hardened.
    Once the ribs wore out and there was a slick surface in the middle, then I had the grip I was used to having.
    Not sure I want to try another set. Maybe will give the Panaracer GK Slick a go.

  • I've spent a lot of time searching and stumbled across this.
    Never heard of this company before but their Rampart all-road model looks very interesting.

    Available in 28, 32 and 38 and also in different sidewall strengths.
    Check the drop down box at the top menu for all the different variants.­5

  • Jay Petavary rides teravail so they're good enough for him, they're good.

  • Along with bikes, I stockpile tyres at home :)

    Brown for shitty city bikes.

  • Are they available in the UK?

    450g for 32mm w/ "durable sidewall"
    390 for 32mm w/ "light and supple" casing

  • Attaching a couple pics of how and why I use OSM maps on OSMAND.
    In this example, I put a Marker between two points I want to travel, then chose the two Merkers in the from and to section, then waited for it to calculate the route. FYI depending on the distance, it can take a while. Normally I have the "avoid unpaved roads" turn on. In this example I turned it off so you can see even more variance of surface and road type.

    Once it is done then I study the elevation, road type and surface details.

    The maps are not always 100%, the app does take time to learn, and is sometimes hard to handle when tired, wet and cold, but for me, it is still the best information I can get while completely offline somewhere .

    OSMAND helps me a lot, I write and share in hopes that it can help someone else.

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  • The gravel in Serbia looks pretty tame. There are some videos on youtube if you search for whatever the place is called. It looks nothing like as hard as the Sarajevo control appeared to be last year.

    Who knows what there is at Alpe d'Huez.

  • Chainstays of 435 seem ok with it, 450 has no issue with it. On my 410 and 412 bikes it didn't like it at all

    Thanks for very informative post!

    I immediately dug out the geometry chart when I read it. My frame is fairly relaxed, but the chainstays are only 425, so it might be in the 'interesting' zone. The rings are in the post: will try them and see.

    I use OSMAnd+. It is a very good.

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Transcontinental Race No. 7 - TCR7 - #TCRN07 - 2019

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