Transcontinental Race No. 7 - TCR7 - #TCRN07 - 2019

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  • Still putting route planning out of my mind, for this and for TransIb. :S

  • Great!
    Has any more been announced on where the start is? Ie in burgas itself or the town up the coast that was in the questions which I can't remember the name of?

  • No, nothing yet. It looks as though it will start on the morning rather than the evening.

  • In case anyone missed it amongst the other posts, suggestions there might be an official hi vis. Although some uncertainty it will be in place for this year.

  • Official, as in everyone issued with the same thing?

  • Who knows;

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  • Ah right, so like PBP.

  • Yeah unsure if it'd be included or optional extra...?
    Can put my home bodging on hold for now.

  • Anyone tried their luck with Supernova Lights this year for their TCR discount?

  • Risky: according to the esteemed Australian police and legal authorities, Supernova lights are not visible to following vehicles

  • Lucky for me I won't be using it Carstralia.

    In TCR etc, I run a Lezyne battery blinky rear as well. Neither seemed to make any difference to the driver that nearly drove into me in TABR... #highvizdontmeanshit

  • I use one of these as my main light:­eleuchtung/parent/331/produkt/­ml?

    It's the e-bike version. Just re-fitted it last week.
    I run it off either a 4AA battery pack or a power bank. It lasts for about a week on 4 AAs and I can turn it on/off without stopping.

  • None of the pics show a cable or battery location but that looks great.

    Could you snap a set up pic?

  • Here it is. There's not much to see as I covered everything with tape.

    There are two terminals. I remember that it didn't come with wire so I just cut up an old USB extension lead, leaving the plug on to go into a battery pack, and put the wires into the right terminals. I had to check with B+M which was right but they said that if I put them in the wrong ones it just wouldn't work rather than blow up.
    I think I soldered them in - I did it two years ago for IndyPac so that's why I'm a little hazy.
    It's quite a strange light in that it is open at the bottom. I think it would die if you put it directly over a wheel so that it had water directed into it, and that was why I put loads of tape over it - as well as to keep the wires stable so my amateur soldering didn't come unstuck.
    I used it on indypac, then took it off, and only put it back on last week.

    The battery is in my top tube bag.

    I'll tape the wire and tidy up a bit before I finalise the setup. The pump might come off and go somewhere else for TCR making things a bit tidier as well. I might even clean the bike!

  • That helped much more than the advert page.

    Might shell for this, always get nervous with backlights dying and me not noticing at 2am in the morning.

  • open at the bottom


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Transcontinental Race No. 7 - TCR7 - #TCRN07 - 2019

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