Transcontinental Race No. 7 - TCR7 - #TCRN07 - 2019

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  • Get in Lulu.

  • getting my hubs serviced beforehand

    I've never got my hubs serviced. If they start making noise I'll pull them down and do something about it but I've never done anything to them in a preventative sense.

    My BB might need some TLC after its bath in Nis. Almost certainly won't get looked at though...

    New tyres and new chain. Other driveline bits were used but reasonably fresh. Everything else was used but in decent nick.

    Hope I don't find any surprises when I get the bike back and clean it.

  • Err, ftfy

    Get in, Lulu.

  • Indeed.

  • I'm not too worried about bike stuff getting through the race, Lulu's being the third bike I've "got" through the race, with another that got over half way but rider scatched. Nice to have an idea of costs for other stuff though. I spent way too much on a nice chilled ride from Manchester to Brighton in June but that was mainly on beer and accommodation which I guess there's less time for when you don't stop such frivolities.

  • Well done Lulu. Let her know she did an awesome job @snottyotter!

  • 250 a & b. On the parcours to CP4. Might complete it tomorrow.

  • 15 riders still out there. Two pairs, one half pair and ten solos. The closest to the 250 pair is the half pair, 246a Zach Warren, Who is a good 300km ahead. By the time that they complete the parcours, he should be over half the distance from CP4 to the finish ahead.

    Unlike previous years, there don’t appear to be many scratches in the last stage, partially because the tougher part of the course was earlier. Let’s hope we get 15 more finishers.

  • Congrats Ross, really enjoyed your IG updates.

    I've been tempted and thinking of next year. Interested to know how much you spent if you don't mind sharing that is?

  • Lulu is amazing! Having only done few short-ish audaxes prior to TCR, that's a huge achievement!

  • She's good friends with Ede who was last years fastest woman, so must've picked up a few tips, but yeah, mega hardcore just boshing it all out and looking like she's enjoying it the whole way. Every year someone makes me want to have a go at something like this, this time I'd definitely say Lulu's ride was inspiring. Practically I'll have to wait a few years but I'm convinced I want to have a go now.

  • Yeah, I think if you make it past the France parcours you're almost certain to limp home. You may have to fly your bike like a kite if you pick a bad day but unless something catastrophic happens it's an easier finish.

  • Do it, life's too short

  • This is why I'm smashing out the racing. At any point in time I could die. Do I want to spend all my time in the office? Fuck no. I wanna see shit and do shit. Use your body.

  • Use my body, got it.

  • You've only got one. Why not have some fun with it before you're too old to do anything interesting.

  • Reminds me of this quote:

    "Go out and hurt yourself before your body looses it's ability to heal itself"

  • Unless you have a hard deadline. I think I read about some people getting trains from Lyon or somewhere as no time.

  • Well yeah but who's silly enough to do that to themselves... ;)

  • Yay! The 250s have passed CP4 and are two thirds of the way along the remaining part of the parcours. I think it is pretty much all downhill from there to Grenoble and they have no more major climbs to conquer.

    Zach Warren 246a has “overtaken” Damjan Manojlovic 215. Damjan is around 400km (according to Trackleaders) ahead of the 250s and Zach around 80km aged of him.

    There are 11 riders still on the road. One would hope that at least eight of them, including Zach, will finish by Sunday night. We may be looking at Wednesday or Thursday for the 250s depending on their shape. Well within last year’s 42 day record and David Coulon’s 28 days.

  • Sure, I’ll work it out and include it in my review.

  • From the official TCR Instagram feed. The #250s

    We need to know more about these brilliant women.

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  • Someone didn't do the best job stamping one of the caps.

  • Wear and tear Oliver.

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Transcontinental Race No. 7 - TCR7 - #TCRN07 - 2019

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