Transcontinental Race No. 7 - TCR7 - #TCRN07 - 2019

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  • I thought it was to do with Mike citing PBP as one of his influences to setting up TCR, so a sort of tribute to that?

  • Awesome to hear you had a good day. Hope you can keep it up tomorrow. Cheers for the updates :)

  • Control car 2's dot bouncing at the finish. Congrats CC2 good race.

  • The effort I've put into pressing the refresh button, I could probably have ridden across Europe myself.

  • Dotwatching is the real endurance sport.

  • Refreshwatching website?

  • I was disappointed that @skinnydidnt compete this year. For the last four years, following his dot has been amazing. He, more than anyone, hooked me on the TCR.

    I have now realised that it was a stroke of genius not to return and attempted the hat trick. If he had raced he would either have broken his winning streak or, equally bad, have denied Fiona the victory. By not riding James has allowed us to enjoy this amazing win without mixed emotions.

  • 18 and 20 were together 3 days ago in Chur; 18 went south over the Splügenpass to Como and 20 went through all the mountains, over Oberalppass, Furkapass and the col de la Forclaz to Chamonix and that seems to have cost 150km and 7 places on the road.

  • Looks like Fiona's due a rest, but only 130km to go (as the crow flies?). Will she push on? Looks like A 140km buffer to Ben...

  • Looks like this edition is getting much more traction in the media and a much bigger real life following, a peloton forming behind Fiona.

  • Based on her position, near a hotel, I think she's resting up before the final push.

  • I think ultracycling is starting to get a lot more mainstream attention. I feel like a bit of a dick for slightly resenting that, but I’ve enjoyed the past 5-4 years I’ve been dot watching ordinary folk doing the extraordinary in realative anonymity.

  • We've got Fiona asleep but so is Ben, with a comfortable cushion of 155 km between the pair. So, with just 160-170 km left to go - that should be it. However, Job is currently still on the move and trailing Ben with "just" 100 km, so this will be interesting to watch, considering he's been "on a roll" today.

  • I wouldn't be surprised to see EF/Rapha at next year TCR

  • Fiona is on the move again..

  • And Fiona's on the move again!

  • Ben Davies is resting/kipping. Fiona is on the move. According to Trackleaders, only 95 km to go.

  • Five riders neck and neck in the fight for the places 8-12. Come on Stephane!

    Hippy still riding and about to hit CP 4

  • By stopping when he dd, Ben Davies has done a very decent thing. He could have pushed on and put pressure on Fiona, leaving her to decide, if she was tired, whether to risk a stop, but instead he has effectively conceded defeat and allowed her to ride on to claim the victory without pressure. His second place is still secure by around three hours and so I hope he s back on the road refreshed and able to claim it.

  • hippy may be having a kip by a lake on the CP4 parcours.

  • She's just entering the town of Carhaix-Plouguer. The parcours starts on the other sde of town.

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Transcontinental Race No. 7 - TCR7 - #TCRN07 - 2019

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