Transcontinental Race No. 7 - TCR7 - #TCRN07 - 2019

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  • So sorry to hear that man, you were riding so well!

  • Well ridden, Jonathan, and remember that skinny took a few attempts to win, too. Hope you come back and that you'll have figured out what the issue is with your feet.

  • This was introduced in TCR5 / 2017. Prior to that all finishers were classified.

    Thanks, skinny and Rob. I'm sure I've known that before but had forgotten.

  • I missed the North Cape Tarifa completely. We all followed it last year because @Samuli was doing it.

  • I think a mixture of, drenched on Sunday night, rain all day Monday, caught in a storm on Tuesday night and wet this morning from rain and water on the road. Never stopped for long enough to dry out even with everything in hotel hot cupboards

    Sounds like a Craig David song

  • cracking ride all the same. lit up the race.

  • I've always worn my SPD sandals on any long multi day stuff I've done for precisely this issue. They dry out really quick, no wet socks to deal with etc, can't recommend them enough. However, I've never read about anyone else using sandals on these types of events.

    Cracking effort though, you obviously had some serious form and legs going into the race.

  • It turns out Björn knows Fiona, and they're both from Dresden

    As in "Me old china"?

  • Fiona first on to the CP3 Parcours

  • Awesome ride and so sorry that you weren't able to continue. Really looking forward to following your dot next year. You must have learnt a huge amount.

  • Looks like we have lost our Canadian chum off the back. His dot stopped at the train station in Sofia. Only one rider not yet reached the parcours for CP2 and she hasn't moved for 14 hours and so may be at the end of her ride. Four riders (one pair, one solo and one half pair) on the parcours to CP2. The pair are 35km off the CP and the other two are 22 km. Would be nice if they managed those distances before the leader completed her parcours but it will be close.

  • FK looks stopped for food at the foot of cp3 parcours. Not a bad idea I guess.

  • Fuck! Gutted for you.
    Incredible riding.

  • hippy in about 15th or so at the moment.

    Fiona has started to ride the parcours.

  • It's not really the foot. She's already climbed to 1500m and another 600m to go over the next 9km. Then a 35km descent before the next wave of climbs. Even after 30 minutes refuelling, she's got a lead of around 2 hours on Ben.

  • Placing the CP(3) over the border in Austria will nudge the race route northwards preventing riders from dropping down into the flat planes of Po Valley too soon.

    Cruel ha ha.

  • View from the beginning of the parcours from Google Street view.
    Some sun between the clouds there now, so view should be alright.

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    • View_From_Beginning_Parcour.png
  • i know ben came top 10 last year - anyone know him? is he a climber or a guy who prefers flat?

  • i know ben came top 10 last year - anyone know him? is he a climber or a guy who prefers flat?

    I don't know him. I remember though last year he climbed Großglockner pass needlessly, out of an abundance of caution not to use banned tunnels.

  • Nice guy and on the smaller side, so I think he'll go well in the mountains. I met him properly at the start this year but also briefly on tcrno5 when i was overheating and in desperate need of water in a romanian petrol station and in no mood to chat

  • She’s resting up in a hotel I think, unwell, but determined not to scratch.

  • Feel for you @rj , epic work.

  • Couple of long days with 330km each seems to have got me back up the field a bit. Did flat, northern route which worked for me. Will drop back again in Alps.
    some issues though, mainly neck. Couldn't really use aerobars yesterday and had to change bike setup a bit to make other hand positions comfortable.

  • Good going Frank!

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Transcontinental Race No. 7 - TCR7 - #TCRN07 - 2019

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