Transcontinental Race No. 7 - TCR7 - #TCRN07 - 2019

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  • The Ratchet Rocket is a lot cheaper:­ak-ratchet-rocket-lite-tool/rp-prod10679­9 Wait, does this not include the torque bits?

    Need the NTX version:­Rocket-Lite-NTX-_214632.htm

  • Nano TorqeBar might be better option if you already have bits:­ak-nano-torqbar-dx/rp-prod148816

  • and back in the real world....

  • Yeah that one. Not cheap but it’s done a load of trips with me.

  • That looks exactly the same as my lifeline torque wrench.

    I'm pretty sure the calibration is f*cked and I've been very, very careful with it.

  • I've a big beam torque bar so I'll check it when it comes.

  • That's a full-sized wrench. I want something super light.

  • Are you going to carry it with you?
    At those weights I guess it's not out of the question.

  • That was the plan. That way I could save weight in my flight box and I'd have a torque wrench on the road.

  • Not the worst idea.
    I want one to put my bike back together in Burgos. Was going to post it home along with a few other things, but a tiny one would mean I wouldn't have to bother...

  • I don't want to pay another £160 in excess baggage fees. Plus I like the idea of a torque wrench on the road. It may even be lighter than my current tools given you just need the allen key bits for everything.

  • I'll have a torque wrench in Burgas either way so you can probably borrow mine.

  • OK, thanks. Might do that as would save me hassle.
    Or I might buy one of those beauties myself.

  • Just bought one.
    £41 from Cycle Republic was the best I saw.
    Chain Reaction have it for £36 + deliv but doesn't seem to include the handle.

  • Got out on the bike this morning. Fairly easy spin for an hour. With a few little efforts. Knee seems ok. Cough nothing too worrying. First bit of positivity for me in awhile. Picked up a hi viz (thanks).
    Just need to decide which size pump to return and have another trial pack, run through my checklist!

  • Which one? The Topeak set?

    I'm liking the look of this set:­Rocket-Lite-NTX-_214632.htm

    But i wonder if the Silca is any better? It's almost double the price.­-bit-based-cycling-multi-tool-shootout-1­6-tested/

    Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite NTX

    This kit is pretty similar in purpose to the Silca below, but does so with a marginally cheaper price and a slimmer case. It’s quicker to use than the Silca, and the Nano TorqBits torque-limiting 4, 5 and 6Nm extension bits read impressively close to quoted figures – better than some dedicated workshop tools, in fact.

    While it wouldn’t be absurd to carry this on a ride, especially one where you know you’ll be making fine fit adjustments, this tool is most impressive when used for travel, left in a car, or as a compact home set.

    If you do decide to take it on a ride, then I’d suggest only taking the torque bits that your bike requires (probably just the 5Nm) and ditching the useless tyre levers. Doing so will see the kit drop to 167g.

    Pros: Accurate torque function, good range of tools, fast to use, impressive size given the contents
    Cons: Large for a carry-along tool, weak tyre levers
    Included tools: 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8mm hex, T10/T15/T25 Torx, #2 Phillips screwdriver, bit extension, 4/5/6Nm torque bits, tyre levers
    Weight: 222g


    Silca T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque

    This is one of the more modular tools available and can be used as a normal ratchet, a T-handle, or even a screwdriver. The tool, bits, and case are all high-quality and are nice to use. The torque feature on the latest version has proven to be fairly accurate. Silca claims this tool is the most compact 2-8Nm torque multi-tool available.

    The Silca T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque is something I’ve reviewed in-depth before, and while both James Huang and I use one when traveling, it remains something that I deem too large for carrying on a ride. The magnets used to hold everything together sometimes aren’t as strong as I’d prefer, either.

    I’ve found a kit like this (and the Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite NTX) is best used for repairs at the car or in a minimalist home workshop. Still, it’s competitive in size to a few other popular bit-based tools and certainly deserves a mention.

    Pros: Quality build and design, accurate torque feature
    Cons: Cumbersome for riding use, modular pieces can come unattached
    Included tools: 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm hex, T10/T20/T25 Torx, #2 Phillips screwdriver, bit extension, 2-8Nm torque extension
    Weight: 233g

  • Be wary, I had a multi tool taken off me at customs because it could be used to un screw the seats from the plane (it was once done apparently) - I guess a torque wrench could also be used for that.

  • I don't carry tools in carry on. They take them off you. That's half the point of finding a lightweight torque wrench - so my checked luggage might get below the weight limit.

  • Luton doesn’t weigh your bike box.

  • Always have to check multi tools in.
    I don't want to be accused of plotting to steal an aeroplane seat

  • Once got onto a plane where someone had nicked the seatbelts!

  • Which one?

    This one:­o-torqbar-dx-4-5-6nm-with-5-tool-bit.htm­l

    Weighs 62 grammes. Slightly more if I take a couple more bits. And the reviews said it was ok.

  • Once got onto a plane where someone had nicked the seatbelts!

    Hmm... might be handy to strap all this extra kit to my bike

  • Ah, I dismissed that after someone said the torque clicks were not distinguished enough. The review above says the Silca is too big to carry but it's about the same size as the Topeak so I'm not sure how they came to that conclusion. Also, the Silca has a range of torque from 2-8Nm rather than 3 fixed 4,5,6Nm bits so perhaps more flexible, if I could just remember what torques I need on my bike...

    EDIT: Scratch that, the­Rocket-Lite-NTX-_214632.htm has a torque range as well, rather than the three separate fixed torque bits.

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Transcontinental Race No. 7 - TCR7 - #TCRN07 - 2019

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