Transcontinental Race No. 7 - TCR7 - #TCRN07 - 2019

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  • 3992Km with 44080m

  • 4051.6km and 45,859.7m, which sounds a bit long.

  • I need to do some more checking, it does seem longer than last years but I cant recall peoples planned distances.

  • Those figures do nothing to change my view that it is a tough route! I've not finished my route yet but expect it to be a shade over 4,000km but with, I hope, slightly less climbing than you two mountain goats.

    For reference, my figures for 2016 (which was the slightly shorter but hilly one) were 3,806km / 40,537m. This looks like it will be longer and hilly (+ mostly into a headwind). I think it will be a small finishers' party!

  • I had a look and had 3951 / 36,000 for TCR4 but I lost data when the Garmin filled with water climbing up to Pluzine so I'm not sure how much it's missing. Suffice to say, it's at least this amount.

    3903 / 45,934 for TCR5

    3872 / 39,140 for TCR6

  • My TCR6 was 3883 / 35945 logged on my Garmin but my RWGPS route was 3925 / 43330. I rerouted a bit during the race so the distance difference is understandable but 7000 m diff between RWGPS and my Garmin is a lot. Don't know who is more correct.

  • RWGPS is estimated off maps I guess whereas Garmin is atmospheric pressure estimated. So they're both wrong :)

  • Adjusted for all those tunnels at Pluzine?

  • In TCR4? I don't remember any tunnels. Oh wait, the day after the checkpoint there were some on the way to the Control. It needs to be adjusted for the fucking deluge the killed the Garmin. I can't remember how much I lost, coulda been half a day, coulda been a day. I think I was using the phone for nav for a day or two while the SD dried out.

  • Rwgps seems to overestimate by 10%

  • I've found the opposite. Often my RWGPS is under what I get from the Garmin.

  • Yes, different methods / sites give different climbing figures and it is not clear which is right or if there is even a consistent relationship. My 2016 ones are rwgps, as are my work in progress ones for this year.

    Those figures for 2017 are interesting, sounds like it was a really hard one. I hadn't appreciated that.

  • None of them have been a cakewalk. :P

  • Sure, and it looks like you had a much better route for last year...

  • Better than this years? Or just better than I normally end up with?

  • 3962.8 km and 44,553m

  • That's not bad - pretty short. Good job you like climbing, though!

  • What's yours currently at?

  • Reassuring when you realise your route is on a section in the race manual described,
    "The CP3 parcours should ensure riders do not find themselves on this road"

  • I'm on that bit too! I expect a lot of people will be. I'll most likely use a lot of the cycle paths on that section.

  • It's a bit over 4,000 km and a bit over 40,000 metres. It bounces around as I look at different things, so currently about 4,030 / 40,100. So relative to my 2016 route it is a little bit flatter but a day longer in distance.
    I'm kind of aiming to get it so that both numbers start with a 3, but don't think I'll be able to. I can get there with one or the other, but in each case the other number shoots up!

  • Assuming you're talking about the SS49, there's a road south of it that's basically parallel, a little shorter and only adds 100m of climb.

  • Panic buying and injury / illness update.

    I don't normally buy much stuff or get ill but I've spent most of this week either shopping online or seeing doctors. Have bought:
    3 pairs of shoes - 1 still coming, 1 to return and 1 wearing
    Garmin 1030 - now returned
    Wahoo Elemnt
    Contact lenses (am trying extended wear varifocals, so opticial spotted opportunity to sell me reading glasses as well)
    Bell (ffs - but manual seems to say I need to have one, can throw away - but OTOH it is good for kids in small villages so maybe fun for Balkans)
    Tyre levers
    Tubeless worms
    Aerobar spacers
    plus probably other stuff I'll forget about until it turns up.

    Have managed to come out in sympathy with both @hippy and @GoatandTricycle: just been to hospital to have steroid injection in wrist because of tendonitis and am seeing another doctor tomorrow to decide if long term cough could be something worse - like pneumonia which my dad had when I saw him just before it started.

    Anyone got any other suggestions either for stuff I should buy or illnesses / injuries I should get?

  • Ha! I had to buy another bell after mine fell off and disappeared into bushes during RaTN. fknbells...

  • steroid

    Doping thread >>>

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Transcontinental Race No. 7 - TCR7 - #TCRN07 - 2019

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