Shimano 105 r7020 installation

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  • I’m wondering about upgrading my CdF with the new Shimano 105 hydraulic system. I’m used to doing my own builds but have never taken on hydraulic brakes.
    How easy is it to cut the hose to the correct length?do I need special cutters?
    How easy is it to completely ruin the hose when cutting it?
    How easy is it to fill the system with brake fluid? I remember from working on my car brakes many years ago the problems of having air bubbles in the system.

  • Thanks. Not one to read on my phone

  • I asked a similar question not long ago and looked it up on you tube . Loads of stuff on how to there although cable cover banjo thin thing inside i what i now remember.
    Get yourself a good set of cable cutters and mineral oil service kit for about 15 quid.

  • Get yourself a good set of cable cutters

    dont do this, better to cut hose with a scalpel, it shouldn't be 'squeezed' while cutting
    follow even if jesus tells you not to

  • Fair enough i stand corrected but still buy a set .

  • Bit sure I’m going to like this answer...
    The callipers in the group set are flat mount. The frame is a 2016 Genesis CdF is there a flat mount adapter?
    There seem to be loads to allow a post mount calliper to fit a flat mount frame.

    Think have just answered own question­000

  • No you cannot put flat mount calipers on a non-flatmount frame, no adapter exist. You could use post mount calipers but i’d avoid that

  • Why avoid using post mount? Post mount still work fine, sure you can get the calipers from a previous groupset

  • The new gen shimano stuff is optimised to use with the shifters; modulation is incredible; if you put old calipers on that, it negates the whole point of ‘upgrade’

  • Fair enough, but if that's the frame you've got, seems you're letting the tail wag the dog to refuse to use the only calipers that fit.

  • @Alan_tbt how did this turn out? Thinking of the upgrade for my Equilibrium disc (2016) 😀

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Shimano 105 r7020 installation

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