Another Croix De Fer.

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  • Ive joined the gang.

    I found a 2012 CDF on ebay fairly cheap and I am going to build it into an all day, commuting, wet weather, shopping, touring swiss army knife kinda bike.

    (I should not have sold the Niner)

    I bought a Large frame which I am hoping will fit me okay. I do have a large/56 Day One and that fits me fine with both drops and risers, so if that is anything to go by then I should be okay. I have a feeling It may be a little low on the front end but I am okay with spacers.

    I have two build plans in mind.

    One will be something like @amey CDF and @jambon CDF as they are both great examples.

    2x10, maybe 11 if I use my ultegra groupset, guards, 700c/650b, basket/pizza rack up front. Should be a nice all day bike

    The second build idea will be a flat, sweepy, loop bar kinda build with low rider racks/pizza rack and loads of gears for touring next year etc. I have a load of Saucy parts laying around which id like to use for this build. 3x9 XTR M952 groupset, On One Mary bars, 25.2 Thomson stem/post etc.

    Now regarding wheels, I have some DT Swiss 240 Disc hubs and I dont know what to build them onto, I'd like 650b and tubeless if I am honest. What are the go to rims these days? keeping the weight down on the wheels would be great...

    All input and ideas are welcomed!

  • Ill just dump inspirational images here.

    This but with gears etc...

  • Kinlin rims are pretty popular. There’s a 650b all round rim in their range.

  • I've got some 650b WTB KOM rims waiting to be built - just need to buy my hubs - they're tubeless, under 450g and were like £5 or £10 each from PlanetX.

    #buyer beware, I haven't built or ridden them yet so I don't know if they're any good in reality but I had a similar list of requirements and they ticked the boxes.

  • @amey 's build looks super nice. As does the All City you've posted

  • And planet X was getting rid of a lot of wtb rims for cheap since I last checked. Might also be worth a look. I got my 650b i23s for 13 quid a pop and I believe they were 8 quid for a while even.

  • Bargain WTB's from PX are hard to argue with although in my experience they don't build up as nicely as DT Swiss rims which are my go to. I have DT XR331's on my CDF and they have been brilliant. Nice and light at about 350g too.

  • @Klar cracked them

  • Tbh I doubt I'm gonna crack a rim by riding to work...

  • WTB KOM rims are fine. The cheap ST ones are a bit shit. I would avoid.

  • We turned my wife’s old CdF winter trainer into a town/shopping/pregnancy bike. It has been totally awesome for the job.

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  • Literally this!!

    Well done sir.

  • That’s a hell of a low gear ratio you have there.

  • It’s had a few different rings on it depending on what’s going on. This set-up was for the tail-end of her pregnancy when she wanted to just spin for days. Agree it looks like it’s ready for Everest though!

  • What is the rack btw?

  • Pelago, the narrower one (I think they call it a medium from memory). Sturdy stuff.

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  • Good looking bike!

  • So imagine @Ottomanotter CDF but with a tripple up front. That's what I am aiming for!

  • Some small progress today.

    Looks like it's gonna fit just fine, though I'll have to get ride of the inline for a set back.

    I found a front M425 brake which I'm going to use so now need a rear one.

    Will order a pizza rack maybe...maybe.

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  • Mine used to be similar

  • Well damn, all these CDF builds are making me well excited to build mine.

    Im toying between 1x11 deore now or 3x9 XTR?

  • Im toying between 1x11 deore now or 3x9 XTR?

    1x is great, even though I've now gone to a double. For 90% of stuff it's fine but say if you plan on doing any touring you might want more.

  • Well its taking me through the UK and Europe next summer, which is why I am fond of the idea of a triple as the easy gears will be bliss.

    But most of its life itll be shopping/commuting bike, so maybe 1x11 for the time being.

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Another Croix De Fer.

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