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  • Hi all,
    some years ago i bought this frame!

    Now finally I have finished it! It has been a long work but I'm really proud of the result!
    The colour it's not so right but a friend bought a color jar from the 70's, so I think a vintage colour it's perfect match!

    I still don't know what model and year it is, but I decide to mount it Campagnolo Super Record 1981. I think it's quite right!

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  • well, that was a short build thread ...
    ....Nice bike though

  • I know Jeff, but it's not too easy for me write the complete story in english.
    I try to enrich it!

  • nice bike! thanks for posting!!

  • Stunning result!

  • Fair enough. I have to say the colour combination looks good to me, suits the frame well

  • Stunning, just stunning. Great job.

  • The on the cable end is a awesome detail !
    (a bit to long rear brake cable IMO)
    The 1st gen logo on the Black panto Cinelli 1R stem is porn !
    Also you can twist toe straps in the pedals if there not Fat Alfredo Binda's ones...
    Brake lerver are a bit low IMO but the best version no aero but bars setup are perfect for Strada.
    Spriters has the downt flat part of the dropbars flat like the top tube.
    Mavic what rims ?

    Nice bike !!!

  • Thanks Gaston!
    The rims are Mavic Monthlery Pro (or Legere).

    The rear brake cable is too long because the rear part of the cable has Moved. Before taking the photos I should have put it right.

    Sorry but I don't understand this sentence: "Also you can twist toe straps in the pedals if there not Fat Alfredo Binda's ones..." The toe straps are original from 70's Alfredo Binda. So if u mean to put the straps into the pedals, I didn't put not to ruin them!

    About the lever I have a particular theory. Marastoni said the lever must be in line with the lower handlebar and the handlebar must be in line with horizontal tube.
    I prefer to vertically align the curve of the handlebar, so I prefer to put the levers just a bit lower than normal.

  • @gaston, I know the rule about positioning the levers, but I prefer to put them a little bit lower.

    For example those are positioned with the rule, but i think thay are too high! This because I aligned the handlebar vertically and not horizontally. That's all!

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