• As title. Anyone got anything? 700c please. And even longer shot...disc compatible...

    Annoyingly I used to have one and thought I'd never need it again....

  • I've got a 135 spaced fixed/free 700c wheel for a rim brake. Silver hub, black double wall rim. Wide-ish rim from what I remember. Female axle that bolts on rather than using nuts.
    I might be able to grab it from storage later, unless you're set on disc brake.

    I've also been hanging on to this thinking that I'll need it one day, hopefully not ha

  • In truth, the disc option is the ideal, but also hugely unlikely and no doubt more costly. Im interested for sure, depending on price and condition etc. Also I live in Bristol so shipping....? I've never used that type of fitting before, only regular solid axle and nuts. Its sturdy enough for fixed yes? (thats probably a silly question really but I gotta ask....)..

  • Yeah sending wheels is a bit faffy and expensive. It might be best if you hold out for a disc version anyways.

  • Im not against it, just kind of seeing how you feel about shipping. Where are you though? My girl lives in Brockley and I come to london so I could pick up possibly. Let me know some idea of price and even pics if you are up for it.

  • I've used the exact same wheel fixed before with no issues.
    The wheel is in Sydenham so very close to Brockley. I guess I don't mind posting if you cover costs. I'll let it go for 25. The bearings could do with changing but they're in an ok/usabke condition.

  • I'm not gonna make it to where the wheel is stored today but PM me if you're up for it and I'll get measurements when I can.
    I think it's a 32h build

  • Gotcha. Well im interested, but there's no big rush, I wont get the frame till this time next week i doubt. Whenever you are in the area for it is cool. 32 spoke is good. I don't much care for anything less.

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135mm spaced, fixed hub/wheel... total longshot I know but worth asking..

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