Outliers Tuesday South Hills & White Bear

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  • So sorry, didnae check this thread lately. PM your number and we’ll stick you on the weekender whatsapp @GoatandTricycle started up.

  • Yeah fun route. I think I did an unnecessary length of Norbury Hill as I couldn't work out when I was supposed to u-turrn. I also felt obliged after doing the short side of Canonbie to do the full length. Fixed it was quite a game of bike wrestling!

    Hopefully next week, maybe Tuesday...

  • Here is our obligatory summit shot from Canonbie.

    Apologies for sweat blur.

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  • Just did a double take, I didn’t think you had a green patch on your left!

  • Ha!

  • Glad I out my saddle up: as well as the obvious benefit, it revealed a bit of brown fluid stain on the newly exposed length of post.

    I investigated when I got home and the inside of the tube was rusty. I cleaned it out and then scoured it with a Dremel metal brush attachment. A good grease and put the post back in. I may have dodged a bullet there.

    I also cleaned the bike. #babywipesftw #dontflush #fatberg

  • Excellent work


  • @ukjoshb and I were having a vicious debate as to what the hills are going to be tomorrow.. Classic, Classic Experimental or Chaos?

  • I'm not in. So I'm guessing not chaos.

  • Though for utter anarchy and chaos, maybe they will happen.

  • It's going to be lovely all evening, but rain on anyone who stays for too many beers at the pub.


  • I would imagine it will be a mixture of the above

    We can only rate the success of the route by how grumpy it makes you

  • The beer coat keeps you warm and dry


  • I hoping for Classic start with the full edition of the cross country cut-through (no wimping out 3/4 of the way)

  • Also if you do a classics start I can come and find you as I will be late this evening :(

  • I've definitely not recovered enough for hills to be fun after the weekend to paris (190km into a cold rainy headwind on Saturday took it's toll), so am out. Should be nice and dry for a change

  • IN! On the mtb again, with flat's this time.

  • I've got a good route variation around Forest Hill (still finishes on the short side of Canonbie) if we want to try it.

    It involves Undulating Laps With An Amazing View - best unintentional velodrome in London.

  • So, which of those hills should we ride again?

    Estate Laps? The loop around Sydenham Wells park that defies gravity by being all down hill?

  • I cannot believe you were outside my house. I should have come out with a cowbell.

  • The loop around Sydenham Wells park that defies gravity by being all down hill?

    Tell me more?

  • You should have

    In fact I would say that we are disappointed that you didn't

    @mashton This loop is against science, and for that I like it, mainly because that will annoy @Marmite

    Does anyone have the route from last night, I deleted my ride by accident :(

  • Yes, I can send it to you if you still need it?

    We've still got some unexplored hills on the map. Pretty thorough around Crystal Palace but looks like we could approach it up Highfield Hill instead of Beulah Hill for a change.

    Here's the area we rode this week, around Sydenham Wells Park. Looks like there should be a monster up through the estate just to the North of the park. Plus, up in the top right... what's that road that connects Thorpewood Ave to Elliot Bank? Hmmm.

    Then Forest Hill itself. Hengrave Road could be entertaining.

  • I look hot up there^^. What’s with all this mild weather? When I do get to use my snow tyres?

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Outliers Tuesday South Hills & White Bear

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