Tuesday South Hills & White Bear

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  • Sunsets and shitty overtakes, got to be Tuesday Night Hills

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  • Do miss that view after an hour and a bit of suffering

  • Ground level pic was more successful than my list attempt. (Sorry @Ecobeard we forgot the selfie. And to book the Ivy House)

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  • All is forgiven, people are out of practice

    I didn’t even make it out to Edinburgh hills tonight 😢

  • Do you lot ride up Canonbie from Forest Hill rd - North to South ... or up from Honor Oak rd .... which I tried the other day on 47-16 and it nearly killed me ... ?

  • Usually from the South but I believe we've done every possible way up forest hill at some point.

  • 18.02 @ Herne Hill Velodrome this week:

    1. leggy_blonde
  • If my sprocket arrives in time, I'm a maybe.

  • Titanium one for the KOMs?

  • I'm just trying to get over the hill a bit more easily 😅 so gearing down a tad and going to 3/32" setup. I was looking at a new sprocket from Royce and the price tag made me pause.

  • Gave up on KOMs and Strava in general since my accident. Sort of almost giving up on racing again as well, but promised myself I'd sort my fitness out and have at least one last crack next winter.

  • Oooh lightweight!

  • Nahh I'm chilling today, new gear is nice though.

  • Rule of 6 -4 with @cagimaha

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  • The White Bear looked decidedly shut when I rode past it just after 8 pm last night.

  • That's cos everyone knows it's Hills until Palace starts

  • This has been curtailed some what by Covid and the fact that I haven't been coming down to London on the regular (I will though, so hope to get these going again)

    I also know a few of you have been keeping the Hillz end up in some form or another

    I have been running hillz up in Edinburgh meanwhile and its gone down well (mainly). So well in fact that the group has looked at getting some caps made.

    Its open to all and some of you might like one - Link and details are here They are lovely things and a portion of the cost goes to charity

    Hope to hillz with you all soon!

  • Last call on the caps before we put the order in.

    Then we’ll start on the T-shirt thing and jerseys.

    Looks like I’ll be down twice in July, so will look to get some rides up. Might go mad and make them Thursdays though 🧐

  • Yes please for a cap.

  • How do I order?

  • jerseys

    This i want

  • All in good time

  • Splitter behaviour, moving hills to a different day

  • I’ve stolen a Tuesday night in Scotland, so I thought nicking a Thursday evening in England was a logical next step

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Tuesday South Hills & White Bear

Posted by Avatar for Ecobeard @Ecobeard