Outliers Tuesday South Hills & White Bear

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  • After the abject pain & suffering of the last few months, I have decided that I’ll give hills a gentle prod tomorrow

    This means the awful pain you have all been subjected to by the poor route selection, non existent leadership and terrible pub etiquette is at an end.

    I can’t do anything about @inappropriate_bike ‘s round over-buying but I can hopefully cure a few Hills Ills

    See you tomorrow at HHV for an 18-42 depart

  • I will also be back in the fold today

  • I'll ride up and down some hills this evening too

  • Me and @kati be up for some hills

  • Squad goals

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  • really enjoyed it - thanks all. Perfect tonic to a freezing winter night.

  • I've got a hangover.

  • I'm not in for tonight, the weather forecast is shit and my dad broke his femur in Mallorca on Sunday so I'm going to visit my mum as she's come back without him...

    Don't forget, Christmas Hills next week!

  • I'm in for tonight, the weather forecast is shit but neither of my parents are either physically broken or undeservedly alone...

    So I may as well give it a go.

    Unless it does look biblical, then I might just have a light ale

  • Bailing due to forecast. Keen to get out tomorrow though!

  • Hope it isn’t a complicated fracture and wish your dad a speedy recovery.

  • Thanks. 3 clean fractures which have already been plated. He'll be back on his bike in a few weeks but I'll probably sell his road bikes in the meantime!

  • really sorry to hear about your pops Phil, hope he feels better soon!

  • He's an idiot but I'll pass that on thanks. Want to buy some Lightweights?

  • Well, at least you know where you get it from

    Praying for Ti Femur with sick fadez.

    I'm bailing tonight as my first spinning class yesterday has played merry hell with my leg.

    Pints 4 Marek in the IH from about 1900 if people are that way inclinded

  • I'm bailing tonight as my first spinning class yesterday has played merry hell with my leg

    Too full of chai latte? Or not had a chance to wash your sweaty betty leisure gear yet?

  • mate

    Lululemon, come on


  • Is that peleton approved gear?

  • Aviation Gin approved

  • Weather looks just about OK for tonight


  • Will anyone else be out for Christmas Eve hills? Maybe earlier in the day than usual?

  • Can't do tonight after all, and next Tuesday is also a bit annoying.

    But I think I will get out for New Year's Day hills if anyone is silly enough to want to join in.

  • Surely you would have missed Father Christmas duties if you'd done hills tonight?

    The only hill I'll be going up on NYD is Arthur's seat!

  • Still planning on a 6:45 depart from HHV on new year's day.

    New year, new route - covering some of the gentler inclines between Dulwich and Camberwell, with enough up to be interesting but not enough to make anyone regurgitate their turkey.

    Pub choice will be adjusted for the convenience of the attendees - Ivy House or one in Camberwell - so bring a lock.

  • Hermits Cave surely?

    Post the new Route, keen to have a look

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Outliers Tuesday South Hills & White Bear

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