Outliers Tuesday South Hills & White Bear

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  • List update!

    Artisanal Mountain bikes
    Sit up and beg Muddy Foxes's
    Classic lightweights (applied to pub as well)
    srs riser fixehs
    26" drop bar cracknfails
    Crabon Road bling
    Alu things
    sweet dynamotrack sleds
    Ti MamilCHRTS
    Polo whips + mallet & palm leaves
    ISP Isens
    Full touring spec
    Prototype Genesis’s
    Bikes with child seats attached
    Di2 Crabon CX sleds
    27.5 Enduro bikes
    A pros CX bike ‘on loan’
    Midfoot dad bikes
    Carbon lightweights bikes “only brought along as my other bike is locked up and my second cousins mothers hamster has the key”
    Kustom Tekkerz squeaky Allez
    Spirit of the forum commuter basket fixie
    Lightweight Aero Fixed specific TT frames

  • Where is the Canonbie snap pls

  • I am huge fan of that route. At first I thought it was a bit of a College Road love-in, but gave us plenty of good warm-up hills and fashionable surface before taking in the classic climbs without the mess of some of the busier intersections. So total win.

    Also excellent group last night, nice faces and good chats and jokes. I even got some cardio-humiliation on Benson after having a 20 second head start and getting beaten on the line! Slow clap for me.

    That will be my last hills for a good while so a good one to end on. Cheers all

  • Pretty sore today. Benson and fox hill were especially good. Good luck with the childrearing and lower marginal cost gained from a second child. @youramericanlover

  • Did you do a variation of experimental hills last night?

  • Also confirmed @PistaGem's cat for cheering us on up Bensons

  • I don't know. I think it should be called Hills v2 or something, because it wasn't experimental, and it was better than Classic screamingemoji.tiff

  • Good spin, great to be back out on a bicycle

  • Hills v2-v6.a.ii inclusive have been taken. Please try again.

  • Hill v2 final-final-final.pptx

  • How are these rides for people of dubious fitness? After serious time out after a motorcycle accident shattered my foot, I have no miles in my legs and my age isn't helping. I re-started commuting three or four weeks ago, but it's only 20 minutes, so I need to find some rides. Working from home in Brixton on a Tuesday might make this work.

  • I barely rode a bike for the best part of a year including getting married and am comfortably the slowest up every climb. Some company would be much appreciated.

  • Hills evenings are suitable for most people. There's a mix of shortcuts, waiting, and reps that can be used to keep a mixed fitness group together.

    White Bear rides are a bit more tricky, but I guess those are coming to an end for this year now it's getting dark in the evenings again.

  • @Markyboy I would recommend 60 gear inches if you're feeling brave but unfit

  • Genuine thread pet sighting

    Well, he was sitting in the middle of the road watching us

    Mainly because it turned out that @PistaGem hadn’t fed him

  • The rides are completely inclusive

    Pace between hills is sedate

    Pace up hill is your choice

    Everyone waits

    Everyone has walked up one hill or another on these rides at some point

    We would be honoured to have you

  • It’s a Hills Modern Classic

  • Are most of y'all riding this fixed/singlespeed? Maybe I can keep up if so

  • Last night out of 7

    3 were fixed

    It’s always a mix and what bike you bring has no bearing on keeping up, as you will keep up anyway and feel knackered at the end of it no matter what happens

  • Nice one thanks dude. No excuses from me for anything starting in Soho...

  • Thanks all, I will keep an eye on the thread and join you in the next two or three weeks

  • ^ what he said. Knees and resurrected singlespeed willing.

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Outliers Tuesday South Hills & White Bear

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