Outliers Tuesday South Hills & White Bear

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  • The point of the hills: to go to the pub

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    Some from last night

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  • Well that was quite the perfect evening.

    I'll probably take another bike next time I attend though. Or better brake pads.

    Thanks for making this happen!

  • It was excellent wasn't it and the smell of your brake pads added something I thought....!

    A few people showed some interest in Wednesday night laps as well, so i'll pop something up about them from next week.

    It would be on tonight, but its the Outliers social and we are off go karting in Mitcham (not a euph)

  • Whats with the palm leaves?

  • I guess that's what happens when you spend too much time in a pub in South London?

  • There is a slim chance there may be 1 or 2 free spaces for karting in Mitcham at 8pm this eve. I know some of you not on the outliers forum said you would have been interested so thought I'd mention it here in case you were still keen! Let me know asap if interested.

  • Ok, definitely one place for karting if interested!

  • Well last week was 'fun'

    Experimental hills was a painfully good experiment and then Go Karting on the tightest track in the world was sickness inducing.....

    This week I reckon we do 'classic hills' this week and alternate weekly between the two routes.

    There is also a Wednesday Night Regents laps ride we do, that some 'on here' said they might be keen on.

    Basically we meet at Bloomberg at 6-15 or the Dr's corner about 6-35, then do 3 laps anti, some sprints/whatever in the middle bit, then 3 laps wise before heading to The Rake for 3 pints.

    All at chattable pace.

  • Have broken a rib so pretty glad it's classic hills this week. Will be taking it at a nice easy pace and taking a short cut around a few of the steeper climbs.

    See you there! :-)

  • I'm in for tmrw.

    This experimental hills, can I lobby someone for new additions/suggestions? Or am I opening Pandora's box here?

  • No no

    You do the route, we can then try it on the assigned week

    You had some pretty good ideas for the the last bit I seem to remember

  • fires up ride with GPS

  • Ha, like a civil servant doesn't have it open permanently

  • might try this on the fixed tomorrow.

  • I do my mapping in a different way thankeweverymuch.

  • 35 km 650m.
    Mad, bad, or dangerous to know?

  • Just numbers, they mean nothing

    We need to see routes and emotive route descriptions

  • I'd aim for roughly the same distance and climbing in total, if you can manage it.

    I think you are over on both at the moment, which means we'll be late to the pub :-)

  • Seems like a lot. Maybe i'm just a wimp

  • It's something like this.


    Route summary
    Gentle roll out of Herne Hill the usual way, but wait, we've turned off early, what's this Yorks Hill? Isn't that in Kent?? A circus you say that sounds great, are there clowns?
    Ooh this is interesting, another mini roundabout, didn't this used to be the dairy? Oh it did. Mini roundabout, left, is there still that leak on the corner of the road? It's been 4 years since I've been there. Oh. This is nice, oh what where did that come from. Ah look at that view of west London, over the common, down, back up, oh. We're at Beluah are we? Oh this all looks familiar, yep, wait what, down again, oh, right spurgeon yeah?
    Ah the South Croydon lump and ways to climb that bit of it. Finished ? Yeah.
    Let's go to SE26. Oh, this avenue? Pizzaro you say? Shackleton's house? Eleanor Marx's house? Damo's house? Ah the roundabout. Off to Canonbie.
    Wait, what, this is horrible. Tyson road, Horniman, down Ringmore, What the fuck Westwood? Down, round and up Canonbie for a photo.

  • Looking at that I think it is a bit mad, bad, and dangerous to know.
    Heading out to Streatham adds some extra distance on, and I'm not sure all the repetitions of the south side of Anerley are necessary.

    Or maybe I'm getting old.

  • Do like the new hills (especially Wells Park Road - not done that yet) and the route around the Horniman.

    Wouldn't miss Norbury Hill. It's always busy with traffic.

  • Usual time, usual place? (6:45 at the pavillion?)

  • indeed

    There is a small chance work may get in the way of my attendance, but hoping to sort ASAP

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Outliers Tuesday South Hills & White Bear

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