Lufthansa/Singapore airlines

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  • Does anyone have a clue what their policy is for a bike bag? It’s under the single-bag limit but neither airline gives me any info that makes sense. I’ve called both twice and both have said I have to pay or that I don’t. Or that it’s down to the check-in agent. It’s a bit irritating.

    Mind you I should have learned my lesson. A few months back I got told to collect my misplaced bag in a non-existent terminal by a Lufthansa idiot who then put the phone down on me when I told him the terminal didn’t exist.

  • I would think it's fine. An Evoc bag is under their baggage dimension limits easily, so if it is under 32kg I don't see what the problem is (Singapore airlines anyway, not sure about Lufthansa).

    I've flown with easyjet and Cathay with bike bags, no issues whatsoever. Cathay was annoying because you have to call them 48 hours before to double check that they have space for an oversize bag, but they don't charge any extra.

  • Thanks. you think Cathay are irritating, try flying Luxair. You have to book bikes ahead of time (fair enough) but they reserve the right to unload your bike and send it "on a later flight" even if they've already accepted it (bikes aren't essential luggage was the excuse). The first you find out your bike isn't there is when you wait for it at the other end and it doesn't turn up.

    For trips when they only have two flights a week to a specific location, it's a pretty shit way to do things.

  • That is total shit. I'll make sure I never book with them!

  • All airlines according this cycle insurance provider

  • Lufthansa has been the same rule as BA for at least the last few years. Flying to Portugal via Frankfurt next week, bike=holdbag.

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Lufthansa/Singapore airlines

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